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Doug Pieren

Doug Pieren

Doug Pieren was born in Palmer, Alaska in 1943. His grandparents came to Alaska in 1934 and homesteaded in the Palmer/Wasilla area. His parents met in Wasilla, when his father was in the Army. Doug spent part of his youth in Oregon, before returning to Alaska and coming to Seldovia for the first time in 1962. His step-father, Harley Ekren, and his mother operated the Ekren Cannery at Kasitsna Bay from 1955 to 1975. Doug worked in the Ekren and other canneries, served in the Army, and settled in Seldovia in 1972. Doug is well-known in Seldovia for his gardening and the work he has put into creating beautiful public gardens. He is also known for his artifact and rock collecting. Doug Pieren passed away in 2019.

Date of Birth:
Sep 29, 1943
Date of Death:
Aug 12, 2019
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