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Harold Woods

Harold Woods

Harold Woods was born in Rampart, Alaska in 1912 to Alfred Lyman and Annie Pitka Woods. Harold grew up living a subsistence lifestyle of hunting, fishing and trapping along the Yukon River. Dog teams were the main mode of transportation. He also worked as a dog team mail carrier betweeen Rampart and Manley Hot Springs. In 1935, he got into sled dog racing and participated in races around interior Alaska for a number of years. Although he stopped racing, he continued to breed and train dogs. Harold was first married to Lillian Folger and they had five children together. He then married Adeline Woods and had five more children. Eventually, some of Harold's children and grandchildren became dog racers, as well. Harold was also an accomplished fiddle player who regularly participated in the annual Athabaskan Old-Time Fiddle Festival in Fairbanks, Alaska. Harold Woods died in 1992 at the age of 80.

Date of Birth:
Nov 11, 1912
Date of Death:
Dec 21, 1992
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