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Ransom Tony "R.T." Schultz

Ransom Tony Schultz

Ransom Tony (R.T.) Schultz came to Alaska in 1938, the same year he bought his first plane and obtained his pilot's license. He began flying for Star Airlines (later Alaska Airlines) in 1940, and in 1950 was chosen as their first chief bush pilot. He also flew in Alaska for Northern Consolidated Airlines, Wien Airlines, Interior Airlines, and as a bush pilot for the Bureau of Land Management. Tony also worked with Hawkins & Powers, who had the forest firefighting contract with the Bureau of Land Management. By modifying surplus World War II airplanes, Hawkins & Powers were pioneers in developing airplanes that could drop fire retardant chemicals, like Borate, onto fires. Tony Schultz died in 1993.

Biographical information from: University of Alaska Anchorage, Consortium Library, Archives and Special Collections Department, Historical Manuscripts Collection List, R.T. Schultz Collection (HMC-0218) Description

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