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John Andrews

John Andrews

John Andrews was a pilot in the US Army's 404th Bomber Squadron and was stationed in the Aleutian Islands during World War II. He and Louis Blau safely landed a B-24D bomber during whiteout conditions when they couldn't see the runway in Adak. They spotted a hole in the fog and put the plane down further along the Aleutian chain on Atka Island near Bechevin Bay. The entire crew of 11 survived the crash landing on December 9, 1942 and both John Andrews and Louis Blau were awarded medals for their bravery. In 1983, John returned to the crash site with Ted Spencer of the Alaska Historical Aviation Institute to review the history of the event. The Anchorage Daily News newspaper published an article about the B-24D airplane crash on December 28, 2008. John Andrews died in 2008.

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