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Roger Babler

Roger Babler was born in Monticello Wisconsin. He graduated high school in 1959 and then completed two years training as an electronic technican at a technical school. He ran a small TV/radio repair shop as well as working at General Motors. He was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1964 and was sent to Alaska to serve at the Site Tare (A Battery A/2/562) Nike Missile Site outside of Fairbanks. He arrived on the same day as Ed Hansen. Roger worked on the plotting boards for the high power acquistion radar. When their military service ended in February 1966, Babler and Hansen drove back to Wisconsin together. Despite living less than 50 miles apart, they did not see each other again until 2008 when attending a Nike Veterans reunion. Roger operated his one man electronics repair shop in Wisconsin until he retired.

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