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Harold Itta

Harold Itta

Harold Itta was born in 1907 in Barrow, Alaska to James Ettak and Lydia Tigiklook Itta. In 1914, the family moved east to Sikulik near Teshekpuk Lake and in 1916 they went to Esook Trading Post at Cape Halkett. Harold grew up along the northern coast of Alaska living off the land and sea. He also was a reindeer herder, and had a whaling crew in Barrow. As a seal hunter and whaler, he gained much experience with local ice conditions. In 1923, Harold married Loyla Egowa. In 1982, Harold shared his knowledge of traditional sod house terminology with researchers conducting the Utqiagvik Archeology Project in Barrow, Alaska (The Utqiagvik Excavations, North Slope Borough Commission on Iñupiat History, Language and Culture, 1990). Harold Itta died in February 1987.

Date of Birth:
May 5, 1907
Date of Death:
Feb 1, 1987
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