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Herman "Qallu" Ahsoak

Herman Ahsoak

Herman Qallu Ahsoak was born in 1964 in Barrow, Alaska, and is one of fourteen children of Jennie and Mark Ahsoak, Sr. Herman learned to hunt and whale at a young age from his father, uncles, brothers, and community elders. He is a passionate whaler and hunter with much experience and knowledge of the sea ice, although he says that he continues to learn from elders who have been whaling longer than he has. Since 2004, Herman has been whaling captain of the Quvan Crew. He performs Iñupiaq dances as a member of the Barrow Dance Group, serves on the board of directors of Barrow's village corporation, Ukpeaġvik Inupiat Corporation (UIC), and is a former vice president of UIC.

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