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John Craighead "Craig" George

Craig George

Originally from New York, Craig George came to Alaska in the mid-1970s. He earned a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the Utah State University in 1976 and completed his Ph.D. in bowhead whale energetics, age estimation and morphology in 2001. In 1977, he worked as an animal caretaker at the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory's animal research facility in Barrow, Alaska. He eventually settled in Barrow and has worked as a a wildlife biologist with the North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife Management for over 25 years. He specializes in studies of the bowhead whale and local fish, and works closely with Iñupiat hunters. Having lived in Barrow for so long and since 1982 having overseen the Borough's whale population census counts stationed on the sea ice, Craig has a deep understanding of the sea ice from both a local and scientific perspective. Craig is a keen observer of the local environment and keeps detailed records of weather and ice conditions. Craig has published extensively on his bowhead whale research results, helps visiting researchers, and frequently participates as a collaborating interviewer in traditional knowledge projects. Craig George passed away in July 2023 in a rafting accident on the Chulitna River in interior Alaska.

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