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Alfred Jonathan

Alfred Jonathan

Alfred Jonathan is an Athabascan elder from Tanacross, Alaska. He was born in 1943 in the old village of Tanacross, which was across the river from the current village. The village was relocated and rebuilt on higher ground to be better protected from flooding. Alfred grew up in a large family with twelve sibings; at age sixteen he went to live with his grandmother, Annie Moses, who was originally from Mentasta. He attended the Bureau of Indian Affairs school in Tanacross and went to Tok High School.  He has led an active subsistence lifestyle of hunting, trapping, and fishing. As an elder, he tries to be active in his community by sharing his knowledge and experience with the younger generation. Along with his wife, Mildred, Alfred has been involved with summer Culture Camps where they teach traditional skills and language to children. It is important to Alfred that the children learn traditional Native values and ways of doing things.

Date of Birth:
Sep 5, 1943
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