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Elias Venes

Elias Venes Elias Venes was born in Akiak, Alaska in 1928 to Joe and Anna Venes. His father was a prospector looking for gold who ended up in the Kuskokwim area after the Iditarod strike on the Innoko River. His mother was from the local area. Elias grew up living a subsistence lifestyle, and later worked for the NYAK mine as a wood cutter and hauler. He moved to Bethel, Alaska when he was about sixteen years old. Elias is a talented carpenter, sled maker, boat builder, and mechanic and always has a project going in his garage. Although now an elder, Elias remains active, believing in the importance of staying fit and healthy. He enjoys doing things for others, and can often been seen around town lending a helping hand. Elias is an avid fiddler and accomplished musician. He often has played at the annual Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau, Alaska.
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