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Charlie Wright

Charlie Wright 2013

Charlie Wright is an Athabascan raised on the Yukon River near Rampart, Alaska and now living in Tanana, Alaska. He grew up living a subsistence lifestyle based upon hunting, trapping, and fishing and continues to travel the rivers and surrounding countryside as a subsistence hunter, trapper, and fisherman. He also has extensive knowledge of Athabascan traditions related to river travel and winter survival, and changing environmental conditions. Charlie has worked as a commercial fisherman, a water plant operator, and a firefighter. He has been on the board of the Yukon River Fisheries Drainage Association, served as the Tanana representative to Tanana Chiefs Conference's Hunting, Fishing, Gathering Task Force and on the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, and is a Alaska Salmon Fellow with the Alaska Humanities Forum. From 2011-2013, Charlie helped lead the Dangerous Ice Project team to known dangerous locations on the Tanana River near the village of Tanana, and shared his insight and knowledge at post-trip meetings. In 2009, he also participated in the Stakeholders and Climate Change Project Jukebox.

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