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Walter "Wally" Carlo

Wally Carlo

Wally Carlo is an Athabascan who was born in 1946 to Poldine and William Carlo in Tanana, Alaska, and grew up in Ruby, Galena, and Fairbanks. Despite living in the city and getting an education in business, Wally grew up living a traditional subsistence lifestyle based upon hunting, trapping and fishing. He learned how to travel and survive in the wilds of interior Alaska and to be a keen observer of the world around him. In fact, between 1969 and 1980, Wally lived in Tanana and hunted, fished and trapped to make a living. He has had a varied career with Native corporations, hospitality services, and as an equipment operator. Wally served 22 years as a board member for Doyon, Ltd., the Native corporation for interior Alaska, and over 20 years as a trustee on the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Board, and on the board of the Fairbanks Native Association. Since retiring in 2008, Wally once again spends a lot of time traveling the country in all seasons. He is especially well versed in winter river ice and travel conditions on the Tanana River near Fairbanks so participated in the March 23, 2011 Tanana River field trip for the Dangerous Ice Project.

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