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Timothy "Neil" Scannell

 Neil Scannell

Neil Scannell is an Athabascan who was born in Ruby, Alaska in 1941and grew up at Holy Cross Mission on the Yukon River. He graduated from high school at Copper Valley School in Glennallen. Neil worked at Prudhoe Bay as an electrical/instrumentation designer. Living in Fairbanks, Neil has spent many years traveling the Tanana River in summer and winter for both recreation and subsistence. In recent years, one of the main purposes for winter travel has been to collect firewood in the flats with a snowmachine and sled. As an avid river traveler, Neil provides key observations on conditions and changes he has observed over time.  Neil is well known for his quick wit and dry sense of humor.

Date of Birth:
Jun 7, 1941
Date of Death:
Dec 30, 2015
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