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Jack Reakoff

Jack Reakoff

Jack Reakoff was born in 1957 in Anchorage, Alaska and came to Wiseman, Alaska as a boy in 1971 with his parents Rick and June Reakoff and his sisters, Heidi and Missy. Jack has been living there on and off since, and by so doing has become one of the longest-term residents of Wiseman. Jack lives a subsistence-based lifestyle focused on hunting, trapping, berry picking, and gardening. He has worked as a trapper, hunting guide, commercial fisherman, and tour guide. With an interest in history, Jack has become Wiseman's unofficial historian. In the summer months, he leads guided walks through town for the Northern Alaska Tour Company. As someone highly dependent upon the wild resources of the Brooks Range, Jack is concerned about preservation of species and habitat and of his lifestyle, so he helps scientific research projects, and serves on regional subsistence advisory committees for the National Park Service and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (Koyukuk River Advisory Committee, the Western Interior Advisory Council to the Federal Subsistence Board, and the Gates of the Arctic National Park Subsistence Resource Commission).

Jack also shared his knowledge and experience about interior Alaska river ice conditions and winter travel at the 2004 Dangerous Ice Workshop, which is part of the Dangerous Ice Project Jukebox.

Date of Birth:
Sep 3, 1957
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