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Mary Vent

Mary Vent

Mary Vent was a Koyukon Athabascan from Huslia, Alaska. She was born in 1912 to Francis and Christine Olin, and grew up living a traditional subsistence lifestyle on the Huslia River. Her father was one of the last active medicine men on the Koyukuk River, and he taught Mary a great deal of traditional lore. As a result, Mary was someone people turned to for traditional knowledge. Mary was a very skilled bead worker and knitter. She was also a fine singer, whose contributions to funerals, potlatches, and other such occasions were highly valued. Mary was Catherine Attla's birth mother; when she was a baby Catherine was adopted by Mary's parents. Mary was married to Bobby Vent.

Date of Birth:
Dec 27, 1912
Date of Death:
Dec 5, 2003
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