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Kitty David

Kitty David 2004

Kitty David is a Koyukon Athabascan elder from Allakaket, Alaska. She was born in Alatna in 1933 to Oscar and Cora Tobuk Nictune. Ann Edwards, Elma Sam,and Bertha Moses are her sisters. She and her five sisters and two brothers grew up (another brother and sister died as young children) spending a lot of time camping away from the village. Her father and both sets of her grandparents had camps up the Alatna River. After her mother died in 1942, when Kitty was just nine years old, the family spent a lot more time in Alatna, and her father took a job with the Public Health Service, and traveled widely throughout the state, encouraging people in Native communities to adopt more sanitary ways of living. Kitty helped care for the family after her mother died, so she learned a lot about cooking, sewing, and other traditional women's skills. She also attended the missionary school in Allakaket up to the fifth grade. In 1952, Kitty married David David whose family was from the South Fork of the Koyukuk River, and they had eight children that they raised in Allakaket while living a mostly subsistence lifestyle of trapping, hunting, fishing, and building cabins. In 1992, when Kitty was interviewed, she was a health aide in Allakaket, having started health aide work in 1978 without much training. Her sister, Bertha Moses, also had been a health aide in Allakaket for many years. Health aides are specially trained members of rural Alaskan communities who provide much of the primary and emergency health care in their villages.

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