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Digital Branch of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Program

Topics in Port Graham Interviews

This is a list of some of the topics discussed in the Port Graham interviews. The numbers in parentheses refer to the section number within that person's interview where they discuss the specific topic.

Family Histories
Dick Anahonak (1)
Simeon Kvasnikoff (7)

Growing Up in Port Graham
Elenore McMullen (1)
Dora Kamluck (12)

Holiday Celebrations (Russian Christmas & New Year's)
Elenore McMullen (5)

Old Times and Old Ways
Simeon Kvasnikoff (7)
Dick Anahonak (19)

Port Graham Cannery
Elenore McMullen (1)

Port Graham Corporation
Patrick Norman (4,5,6)

Port Graham History
Elenore McMullen (1)

Simeon Kvasnikoff (13,14)
Dick Anahonak (3,5,6,7)
Dick Anahonak and Dora Kamluck (4,10,12,16,17)