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Louise Paul and Ruth Ridley

Louise Paul
Interview Information: 

Louise Paul and her daughter, Ruth Ridley, were interviewed on March 25, 1993 by William Schneider at Ruth's apartment in Fairbanks, Alaska. Louise was in town from Eagle Village for medical appointments and agreed to talk about topics she had discussed two summers ago with William Schneider. That tape recording (ORAL HISTORY 91-22-43) was disrupted during the interview, so he was glad for the opportunity for another discussion. This interview with Louise has some interruption from heavy equipment, but is generally clear. In this interview, Louise talks about her family history and connections with living in the area of what is now Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. She remembers living a traditional subsistence lifestyle at Snare Creek, one time when a bear tried to get into the house, old places along the Yukon River, the days when steamboats ran up and down the river, and the devastating forest fire of 1937.