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George Ramos, Part 2

This is a continuation of the interview with George Ramos by Bill Schneider and Wayne Howell on February 2, 2002 in Yakutat, Alaska. In this second part of a two part interview, George talks about seagull egg collecting, seal hunting, and passing on Tlingit knowledge and language to the younger generation. Click here to view a video of George showing hand signals he uses for different animals.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2002-07_PT.1

Project: Wrangell-St.Elias National Park
Date of Interview: Feb 2, 2002
Narrator(s): George Ramos
Interviewer(s): Bill Schneider
People Present: Wayne Howell
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Collecting seagull eggs and preparing the eggs in camp

2) People from Yakutat collecting seagull eggs, and old-timers coming to hunt using hand signals

3) Using hand signals for the different animals.

4) Calling seals

5) Hunting seals

6) Tlingit language and passing knowledge on to the younger generation

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Section 1: boil eggs\ fried eggs -- good clear eggs\ seagulls\ Yakutat\ Egg Island\ eagles -- seagulls will take off when they come\ cave -- Native name\ comrad eggs\ build nests\ slick on side\ crack -- black ducks\ lay eggs\ crow eggs\ seagull eggs\ take fluid out of eggs

Section 2: old-timers\ hunt\ hunters -- less every year\ Tlingit -- strong habit talking with hands\ style\ communicate\ hands moving\ hand signals for animals\ shake boat\ man in front looks around\ hunt -- move slow\ direction

Section 3: certain signs -- used with hands\ seal\ seals on ice\ sleeping\ deer\ wolf\ fox\ mountain goat\ bear\ land otter\ wolverine\ no noise

Section 4: reef\ rock -- get on top of\ seal herd\ land\ beach\ hear seals\ make motions of seal\ old days -- put hide of seal over them\ imitate call of seal\ don't let it get too close\ recognize\ leave\ ice -- pups are born\ separation from mother -- seal will give a long continuous cry\ seals -- will search for pup that is crying\ make noise\ seals -- will search for the noise\ pack ice\ found baby seal -- sent to zoo in Florida\ call seal\ move head -- look up

Section 5: hunting seal\ seal -- one will always be looking\ shoot the looker\ uncle\ Icy Bay\ icebergs -- floating around\ row\ Yakutat\ Icy Bay\ boat -- small dug out canoe\ hunt\ wind\ Nelson, Joe\ Smith, Ray\ Johnson, Alec\ seal -- pupping season\ hunting equipment\ fuel\ boat -- canoe\ Sakagee Bluff -- choppy water\ water -- coming in boat\ Yakutat\ camp\ water -- calmed down\ current -- comes and meets\ skins\ pelt\ hunted -- until hair started shedding\ Nelson, Joe\ Egg Island\ birds -- lay eggs\ eggs -- not many\ late in season\ ice pack\ seals -- small pups\ seals -- big ones are shedding\ shoot small seal\ seal -- mother

Section 6: Tlingit language\ ashamed\ dance groups\ work -- with young kids\ be proud\ knowledge -- pass on