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Oscar Frank

Oscar Frank was interviewed on July 12, 1995 by Bill Schneider, Nellie Lord and Mary Ann Porter at the National Park Service office in Yakutat, Alaska. Nellie asked Oscar to do a recording on Tlingit history. He is the most senior of the people interviewed and his interview provides regional perspective and some details on figures in Tlingit history.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 95-71-30

Project: Wrangell-St.Elias National Park
Date of Interview: Jul 12, 1995
Narrator(s): Oscar Frank
Interviewer(s): Bill Schneider, Nellie Lord
People Present: Mary Ann Porter
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Background information

2) His Tlingit names

3) His clan membership and origins

4) Earning cash wages around Yakutat

5) The Situk area

6) Glaciers

7) Bear paws/claws being stolen

8) Traditional objects of cultural patrimony

9) "The Teqwedi Shaman" (Plate #65) and a photo of "The Messenger"

10) "The Teqwedi Shaman"

11) Stories of the Russians

12) His education

13) Learning how to fish, and fishing

14) Changes during his lifetime, and sockeye salmon runs

15) Rejuvenating the sockeye salmon run

16) Giving advice to the future

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Section 1: Porter, Mary Ann\ Lord, Nellie\ Frank, Oscar\ National Park Service\ Yakutat

Section 2: Frank, Oscar -- traditional names\ Frank, Oscar -- stepfather\ dancers --professional\ Tlingit names -- origins

Section 3: Frank, Oscar -- clan name\ Yakutat\ Ahrnklin\ Frank, Oscar -- great-great uncles\ Mount Edgecumbe\ Angoon\ fishing\ subsistence\ land use\ hunting -- bears\ (Tlingit) Island\ village locations -- reasons for\ missionaries\ Old Village -- origins\ missionaries\ Sherman

Section 4: fishing\ Libby\ Frank, Oscar -- uncles\ railroad -- workers\ wages\ workers -- Chinese\ Yakutat Southern Railroad\ railroads -- passenger cars\ fishing\ Alaska Department of Fish and Game\ fishermen -- families

Section 5: people -- numbers of\ Situk River\ erosion\ glaciers\ Frank, Oscar -- uncle\ Frank, Oscar -- nephew\ water -- blocking\ water -- rising\ fishing

Section 6: prospectors\ water -- blocking

Section 7: Cordova\ Brown Bear Claw House\ Lost River\ theft\ museums\ National Park Service

Section 8: James, Alex\ museums

Section 9: Jackson, Sheldon\ carvings -- The Messenger\ shamans\ Sitka\ king salmon\ Yakutat\ Lost River\ food -- shortages\ messenger -- burials

Section 10: Sitka\ Teqwedi Shaman (Plate #65)\ shamans\ missionaries\ legends -- shaman hair story\ U.S. Army\ head pieces\ "Sun Ears"\ Russian sword cane

Section 11: kidnappings\ schools\ traveling -- Russia\ slaves\ smokehouses\ berries -- salmon berries\ language -- Russian\ snuff cans\ Brown, Justin\ attacking -- Russians\ forts -- Russian\ ships -- building\ Ankau\ John, Maggie\ Sitka\ Yakutat

Section 12: Mission\ Sheldon Jackson School\ Bureau of Indian Affairs\Sheldon Jackson School -- fire\ Frank, Oscar -- grandfather\ Old Village\ schools\ churches\ missionaries\ Chicago\ Sweden

Section 13: (Ellis), John\ Situk\ salmon\ fishing\ skiffs -- rowing\ oars\ drownings\ Frank, Oscar -- uncles

Section 14: boats -- outboard motors\ changes -- river\ transportation -- boats\ fish -- changes in numbers\ Situk River\ salmon -- sockeye\ salmon -- coho\ Alaska Department of Fish and Game\ food -- traditional\ subsistence\ welfare

Section 15: Swanson\ salmon -- sockeye\ Alaska Department of Fish and Game\ salmon -- spawning

Section 16: recording -- Tlingit culture\ subsistence\ Sitka\ (Burke), John\ fish -- steelhead trout\ land use\ fish -- salmon\ subsistence -- over exploitation\ Frank, Oscar -- uncles