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Nellie Lord

Nellie Lord was interviewed by Bill Schneider on July 11, 1995 at the National Park Service office in Yakutat, Alaska. Nellie was chosen to be the coordinator of the Yakutat interviews and she worked closely with Mary Ann Porter to set up the recording sessions. This is the first interview that we did in Yakutat and she agreed to let us start with her. This interview and the one that she did with Lena Farkas (ORAL HISTORY 95-71-32) are illustrated with beaded blankets, which tell the stories of the clans that settled in Yakutat. Nellie also talks about her active role in teaching young people about Native culture and language.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 95-71-29

Project: Wrangell-St.Elias National Park
Date of Interview: Jul 11, 1995
Narrator(s): Nellie Lord
Interviewer(s): Bill Schneider
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) The setting of the interview

2) Her personal history and subsistence rounds with her father

3) Subsistence rounds with her father

4) Her education and getting tuberculosis

5) Her recovery from tuberculosis, and Mount Edgecumbe

6) Native leaders and importance of learning and living your culture

7) When she left home and living in the hospital

8) When she got married and moved to Fairbanks

9) Yakutat in World War II

10) The building of the airfield in Yakutat

11) Description of Yakutat during World War II

12) The railroad from Situk to Yakutat

13) Teaching the Native culture

14) Teaching about clans

15) The St. Elias Dancers and learning how to drum

16) Dancing

17) How the clan system works

18) Potlatch

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Section 1: Yakutat\ bilingual program -- Yakutat

Section 2: Shodda, Emma and Henry\ Situk\ Harry, Situk\ Ahrnklin\ Ahrnklin River\trapping -- Ahrnklin River\ mountain goats -- use\ subsistence rounds -- Situk\ subsistence rounds -- Ahrnklin area

Section 3: fur trade -- Yakutat area\ seal hunting -- June\ hunting -- black bear\ travel -- boat\ Harry, John \ fish -- hooligan\ smokehouses

Section 4: schools -- Yakutat\ John, Maggie \ Petersburg\ tuberculosis\ Juneau -- hospital\ Lord, Nellie -- first plane ride\ Skagway

Section 5: Juneau\ Lord, Nellie -- father\ Mount Edgecumbe -- opened\ Wrangell Institute\ Eklutna School\ Mount Edgecumbe

Section 6: Mount Edgecumbe -- Native leaders\ culture -- teaching children\ Culture Camp

Section 7: Lord, Nellie -- leaving home\ hospitals\ Lord, Nellie -- brother

Section 8: Lord, Nellie -- married\ Sitka\ Lord, Nellie -- family\ Fairbanks

Section 9: Yakutat -- roads\ Mallotts\ canneries -- Libby McNeil\ soldiers -- Yakutat\ women -- arts and crafts\ totem poles

Section 10: Yakutat -- airfield\ Alaska Native Brotherhood\ Alaska Native Sisterhood\ Yakutat -- dances\ Alaska Native Brotherhood -- travel\ Alaska Native Sisterhood -- travel\ Christmas

Section 11: World War II -- Yakutat\ black-outs\ Yakutat

Section 12: railroads -- Situk to Yakutat\ railroads -- roundhouses

Section 13: Sitka -- Native Studies\ Native Studies\ Brady, Isabelle\ Leer, Jeff\ Dauenhauers\ Tlingit language\ (Dominiques, Festa)

Section 14: clans -- teaching about\ crests -- Yakutat\ crests -- relation to clans\ (shunkukadi) -- thunderbird\ (Teqweidi) -- brown bear

Section 15: St. Elias Dancers\ Bremner, Buddy\ Ramos, George\ drumming

Section 16: Ramos, George\ dancers -- seniors\ dancers -- juniors\ Juneau -- dancing\ sewing -- regalia

Section 17: clans -- how they work\ clans -- Raven\ (Kwaashk'i Kwa'an)\ (L'uknax.a'di) \ clans -- Yakutat\ crests -- Mt. St. Elias\ crests -- Humpies\ crests -- Raven\ crests -- Owl\ Moon House\ Owl House\ Fort House\ crests -- Frog\ crests -- Coho\ clans -- Eagle\ Thunderbird House\ (shangukeidi')\ (khakit)\ eagle clan -- (Teikweidi')\ clans -- Brown Bear\ clans -- (Wooshkitaan)\ Hoonah

Section 18: potlatches\ adoption\ name giving\ dances -- Ptarmigan\ dances -- Rifle