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Nick Tanape, Sr., Part 1
Nick Tanape, Sr.

Nick Tanape, Sr. was interviewed on July 21, 1996 by Ron Stanek of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Subsistence in Nanwalek, Alaska. In this first part of a two part interview, Nick talks about his personal background and discusses the traditional subsistence lifestyle of hunting and using seals, sea lions, and sea otters. He also mentions how seals were processed, shared, and changes he has observed in the seal and sea otter population numbers.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 97-235-03

Project: Nanwalek and Port Graham
Date of Interview: Jul 21, 1996
Narrator(s): Nick Tanape, Sr.
Interviewer(s): Ron Stanek
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Subsistence Division, Minerals Management Service
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1) Personal history

2) Marine mammal hunting

3) Continuation of marine mammal hunting

4) Seal hunting and uses of seals

5) Continuation of seals

6) Commercial fishing, and more about seals and seal hunting

7) Sea lions

8) Continuation of sea lions

9) Uses of seal

10) Use of seal for arts and crafts, and species population control

11) Sea otters

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Section 1: born 1946\ English Bay\ school\ subsistence\ hard times and good times\ 6 brothers\ military -- drafted\ military -- 1967-1971\ New Jersey\ fishing -- brothers\ moved -- 1980\ bought house\ worked and fished -- 1980|

Section 2: seal hunting\ followed dad\ own skiff\ Point Adam\ Elizabeth Island\ beach -- cooking\ father taught\ hunting tools\ seal -- no waste|

Section 3: seal hunting\ Elizabeth Island\ early 50's\ store -- smoked\ fewer seals\ Point Adam\ Anderson Beach\ Nuka Bay\ on beach -- groundhogs, bears, goats\ camp\ in boat\ stay with friends\ mostly stay on beach|

Section 4: seals back to village\ shared meat\ seal delicacies -- guts, liver, heart\ munyuk on Bar-B-Q\ meat -- given away\ fewer people in 50's\ meat -- smoke and cut\ share meat -- celebrations and potlucks|

Section 5: share meat -- family\ seal fat -- give away\ seals -- decline\ pup season\ Elizabeth Island\ Anderson Beach|

Section 6: commercial fishing\ seals -- eating habits\ Port Graham\ seal fat -- seal oil\ share meat -- family\ sea lion hunting\ beach -- all participate\ flipper\ meat -- salted|

Section 7: off point\ CB\ retrieval -- hook\ tides\ seals -- float\ current\ village\ Elizabeth Island\ Flat Island\ sea lion -- tow\ people come to beach|

Section 8: sea lions -- number\ size\ sea lion parts\ skin|

Section 9: flippers\ meat -- preparation\ seal gut -- preparation\ seal skin -- tanned\ arts and crafts|

Section 10: sea lion whiskers\ Aleut hats\ sea otters -- hats, dolls\ clams restoration\ Port Graham\ control sea otter population|

Section 11: sea otter\ location\ Channel Island ?\ float\ crafts|