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Dick Anahonak and Dora Kamluck, Part 2
Dick Anahonak and Dora Kamluck

This is the continuation of an interview with Dick Anahonak and Dora Kamluck on September 26 and 27, 1997 by Ron Stanek and Lydia Robart of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Subsistence in Port Graham, Alaska. In this second part of a two part interview, Dora and Dick talk about traditional subsistence activities in the Port Graham area, including fishing for salmon and herring, gardening, trapping, hunting squirrels, ducks and bears, traveling by kayak, and using fish camps in Port Graham Bay. Dick and Dora speak in a combination of English and their Native Sugt'stun language. No translation or transcription of the audio is available.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 97-235-11

Project: Nanwalek and Port Graham
Date of Interview: Sep 26, 1997
Narrator(s): Dick Anahonak, Dora Kamluck
Interviewer(s): Ron Stanek, Lydia Robart
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Subsistence Division, Minerals Management Service
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1) Dora Kamluck talks about fish camps in Port Graham Bay

2) Use of different types of boats

3) Preparing dried fish

4) Preparing dried fish and gardening

5) (interview stops and starts again next day) Dora talks about her garden

6) Dick Anahonak talks about when his father used to travel by kayak to go hunting

7) More about Dick's father's hunting activities, and how to make a kayak

8) More about making a kayak, and making hunting spears

9) Bear hunting

10) More about bear hunting, and using bear

11) More about the use of bears

12) More about hunting, and the importance of cultural values

13) Women's duties and responsibilities

14) More about women's responsibilities, and duck hunting

15) Predicting the weather, and reliance on fishing

16) More about reliance on fishing, and fishing for and use of herring

17) More about fishing for and use of herring

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Section 1: introduction/ land allotment/ fish camps|

Section 2: umiaq/ skiffs/ kayaks|

Section 3: kayaks/ dry fish|

Section 4: fish -- dog salmon/ drying and smoking/ gardening|

Section 5: gardens|

Section 6: introduction/ trapping/ Port Chatham/ Anderson beach/ travel by kayak|

Section 7: father's history/ hunting squirrels/ kayak construction|

Section 8: kayak construction/ spears/ Father Nicholas|

Section 9: spears/ bears|

Section 10: bears -- hunting/ use|

Section 11: bears -- use/ Antone Meganack|

Section 12: land otters/ Duncan's Slough/ bear -- preparation/ Dora -- values taught|

Section 13: Dora -- duties/ responsibilities/ soups|

Section 14: Dora -- responsibilities/ Tanape, Joe/ hunting -- duck|

Section 15: weather -- seal oil/ predictions/ fish -- reliance on|

Section 16: fish -- reliance on/ herring -- spawns|

Section 17: herring/ Halibut Cove/ herring eggs|