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Dick Anahonak and Dora Kamluck, Part 1
Dick Anahonak and Dora Kamluck

Dick Anahonak and Dora Kamluck were interviewed on September 26, 1997 by Ron Stanek and Lydia Robart of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Subsistence in Port Graham, Alaska. In this first part of a two part interview, Dick talks about his personal and family background, his parents, his subsistence fishing and hunting activities, and the early days of living in Port Graham and Prince William Sound. Dora talks about her personal and family background, her parents, connections between her and Dick's families, working in a cannery, and various subsistence activities.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 97-235-10

Project: Nanwalek and Port Graham
Date of Interview: Sep 26, 1997
Narrator(s): Dick Anahonak, Dora Kamluck
Interviewer(s): Ron Stanek, Lydia Robart
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Subsistence Division, Minerals Management Service
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1) Dick Anahonak talks about his personal background

2) Going to school

3) Fishing and fishing boats

4) Traveling around Prince William Sound

5) More about fishing and the boats used

6) Fishing with nets and the quota system

7) Fishing for halibut and the quota system

8) His family history

9) More about his mother's side of the family, and his father

10) Fishing for red salmon

11) Fishing around Nuka Island

12) Dora Kamluck talks about his personal background

13) Her family history

14) Working in canneries, and subsistence

15) Her parents

16) Connection between their two famiiies

17) Fox and mink farming, and more family history

18) Names and naming

19) Life in the old days, and seal hunting

20) More about hunting seals and using them for food

21) Traditional food made from seal

22) Traditional foods, and fish camp

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Section 1: introduction/ personal history|

Section 2: Port Graham/ moving/ schooling|

Section 3: fishing/ boats|

Section 4: moving/ transportation|

Section 5: boats/ fishing|

Section 6: fishnets/ fishing license/ quotas|

Section 7: fishing experiences/ fish permits/ halibut quotas|

Section 8: family history|

Section 9: mother's side of the family/ father|

Section 10: Prince William Sound/ red salmon|

Section 11: fish/ Nuka Island|

Section 12: introduction/ personal history|

Section 13: personal history/ Port Graham/ family groups|

Section 14: personal history/ work -- cannery/ subsistence activities|

Section 15: Dora's mother/ father|

Section 16: Dick and Dora's family relationship|

Section 17: foxes/ mink/ Dick's mom/ family history|

Section 18: nicknames and names|

Section 19: chainsaws/ old days/ seals|

Section 20: seals -- hunting/ food|

Section 21: seal -- food|

Section 22: dry fish/ sea lion/ fish camp|