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Tim Wallis
Tim Wallis

Tim Wallis was interviewed on April 10, 1993 by Walter Newman, Sr. at Tim's business, the Ranch Dinner House, in Fairbanks, Alaska. In this interview, Tim talks about the early days of the Fairbanks Native Association (FNA) and other Native organizations, who the key founders and Native leaders were, and the role that these groups played in the Native land claims movement and passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) in 1971. This recording has been edited.

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1) Personal background and involvement in the Fairbanks Native Association (FNA)

2) People involved in forming Fairbanks Native Association

3) Some early projects of Fairbanks Native Association

4) Issues leading to the formation of Fairbanks Native Association and other Native organizations

5) Key people involved in land claims issues

6) Native organizations that obtained federal contracts to provide social services

7) Native organizations and individuals important in the Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act

8) Role of Alaska Federation of Natives in the Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act

9) Role of Fairbanks Native Association in the Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act

10) Growth of Fairbanks Native Association

11) Formation of DNH Development Corporation and involvement with Trans-Alaska Pipeline construction

12) DNH Development Corporation contracts for road and construction projects and use of Native hire

13) Doyon Ltd.'s role in passage of the Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act and the impact on the corporation

14) Land selection process

15) Role of Fairbanks Native Association, Tanana Chiefs Conference, and Doyon Ltd. during his presidencies

16) A message to young people

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Section 1: Fort Yukon/ Fairbanks/ Juneau/ Juneau Children's Home/ employment/ land claims - education/ Perdue, Ralph/ Fairbanks Native Association - meetings/ Fairbanks Native Association - president/ Trans-Alaska Pipeline - waivers/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - president/ DNH Development Corp./ Alaska State House of Representatives - election/ Doyon Ltd. - president/ Bureau of Indian Affairs - shareholder enrollment/ Tim Wallis and Associates/ housing and urban development/ Fairbanks North Star Borough - lobbying/ Fort Yukon - lobbying/ Ranch Dinner House|

Section 2: Perdue, Ralph/ Ivey, Jerry/ Fate, Mary Jane/ Lincoln, Georgianna/ Harwood, Kitty/ Carlo, Poldine/ Fate, Hugh (Bud)/ Gabriel, Grafton/ Hamilton, Leonard/ Kito, Sam/ Siverly, Roxie/ Sackett, John|

Section 3: education/ health & welfare/ social services/ potlatch/ Native Center/ location/ Lincoln, Georgianna/ Fate, Mary Jane/ social programs - youth/ DNH Development Corporation/ employment/ grants/ Bureau of Indian Affairs - contracts/ Solomon, Hannah/ Fairbanks Native Association - executive director/ John (Tansy), Ruby/ Carlo, Lucy/ Kito, Sam/ Gilmore Creek/ Ford Foundation/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - cooperation with/ Tanana/ Ketzler, Al/ land claims - passage|

Section 4: Gruening, Ernest/ Rampart Dam/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - revival/ Tanana/ Ketzler, Al/ land claims - lobbying/ Minto road/ land selection - state/ Trans-Alaska Pipeline/ Alyeska/ Washington, D.C./ Fairbanks Native Association/ land claims - settlement/ Alaska State Chamber of Commerce - opposition/ Kito, Sam/ Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce - land claims/ Jackson, Barry/ Fairbanks Miners Association - land claims/ Nome Chamber of Commerce - land claims|

Section 5: Egan, Bill/ Havelock, John/ Begich, Nick/ Stevens, Ted/ Gravel, Mike/ U.S. Congress/ Notti, Emil/ Borbridge, John/ Wright, Don/ Hensley, Willie/ Ketzler, Al/ Kito, Sam/ Upicksoun, Joe/ Degnan, Frances/ Christianson, Ray/ Guy, Phillip/ Edwardson, Charlie/ Samuelsen, Harvey/ Lang, Roger/ Johnson, Marlene/ Charles, Ted/ Perdue, Ralph/ Ewan, Roy/ Huhndorf, Roy|

Section 6: Fairbanks Native Association/ Tlingit-Haida/ social services|

Section 7: North Slope Borough/ Hopson, Eben/ Alaska Village Council Presidents/ Richards, Tom Jr./ Barnes, Cecil/ Drake, Tom/ Rock, Howard/ Tundra Times/ U.S. Congress/ Alaska State House of Representatives/ Gray, Nick/ Tanana Chiefs Conference/ Alaska Federation of Natives|

Section 8: Alaska Federation of Natives - unified voice/ U.S. Congress/ Washington, D.C./ Alaska Federation of Natives - president/ Wright, Don/ Notti, Emil/ Guy, Phillip/ Bethel/ Alaska Village Council Presidents/ Alaska Federation of Natives - lobbying/ land claims - settlement offers/ Paul, David/ Groh, Cliff/ Jackson, Barry/ McCutcheon, Stan/ Tyonek|

Section 9: Nixon, Richard/ Alaska Federation of Natives - convention/ Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act - passage/ Fairbanks Native Association/ Tanana Chiefs Conference/ potlatch/ Adams, Al|

Section 10: bureaucracy - potential problems/ Johnson O'Malley program/ employment/ social services|

Section 11: DNH - incorporation/ Trans-Alaska Pipeline - waivers/ Alyeska/ Wiseman/ Allakaket/ Alatna/ Minto/ Rampart/ Stevens Village/ Alaska Legal Services/ Indian Reorganization Act/ Stevens Village - injunction against pipeline/ Fairbanks - business/ land claims/ Trans-Alaska Pipeline - Native hire |

Section 12: Trans-Alaska Pipeline/ road - construction/ Livengood/ Hess Creek/ DNH Development Corporation - contracts/ revegetation/ trucks - hydroseeding/ village - hire/ training/ jobs/ Alyeska/ project - success/ environmental impact statement/ employment recruiting - regional/ helipads - Native hire/ house - construction/ Tanacross/ McLeigh Construction/ Fort Wainwright - maintenance/ pipeline camps - maintenance/ employment - records/ DNH - president/ Doyon, Ltd. - president|

Section 13: Doyon Ltd./ land claims - selection/ shareholder enrollment/ Alaska Native Land Claims Act/ environmental issues/ Sierra Club/ Audubon Society/ Doyon - land claims/ subsistence/ economics/ land selection - villages/ land selection - politics|

Section 14: Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act/ Homestead Act/ land selection - Native allotments|

Section 15: Fairbanks Native Association - urban services/ Fairbanks Native Association - rural assistance/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - land claims/ Doyon Ltd. - incorporation/ Wright, Jules/ Sackett, John - president/ Kito, Sam/ shareholder enrollment/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - board/ Secretary of Interior Loesch/ Native corporations - funding/ Anchorage/ Bureau of Indian Affairs - contracts/ Thompson, Morris|

Section 16: education - importance/ politics - value of/ youth - involvement/ Tanana Chiefs Conference/ Doyon Ltd./ Fairbanks Native Association|