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Georgianna Lincoln
Georgianna Lincoln

Georgianna Lincoln was interviewed on April 14, 1993 via telephone from her office in Juneau, Alaska by Walter Newman, Sr. and William Schneider who were in Schneider's office at Elmer E. Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Fairbanks, Alaska. Georgianna was serving as a senator in the Alaska State Legislature representing her large interior district and was in Juneau for the legislative session. In this interview, Georgianna talks about the formation of the Fairbanks Native Association (FNA), the early leaders, FNA's development, and the programs they implemented. She also talks about FNA being funded by the federal government as one of four Model Urban Indian Centers, organizing the FNA potlatches and why they were so important, as well as her work as executive director for FNA and working for Tanana Chiefs Conference.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 92-05-26

Project: Fairbanks Native Association
Date of Interview: Apr 14, 1993
Narrator(s): Georgianna Lincoln
Interviewer(s): Walter Newman, Sr., Bill Schneider
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
Fairbanks Native Association, National Park Service
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1) Involvement with the Fairbanks Native Association in the 1960s and 1970s

2) Fundraising and grant writing to support early Fairbanks Native Association programs

3) The growth of Fairbanks Native Association

4) The establishment of Native organizations

5) Early volunteers with Fairbanks Native Association and Tanana Chiefs Conference

6) Early projects of Fairbanks Native Association

7) Organizing the first Fairbanks Native Association potlatches

8) Her work at Fairbanks Native Association and Tanana Chiefs Conference

9) The role of the potlatch in gathering villagers in Fairbanks

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Section 1: Fairbanks Native Association - location/ Hospitality House/ Fairbanks/ fund-raising/ John (Tansy), Ruby/ Fate, Mary Jane/ Fate, Bud (Hugh)/ Perdue, Ralph/ Perdue, Dorothy/ Carlo, Poldine/ Carlo, Bill/ Johnson, Clara/ Evans, Lily/ Lord, Etta/ Lord, Walter/ Monday, Blu/ Hudson, Sally/ Frank, Richard/ arts and crafts/ Frank, Anna (Taj)/ FNA - location/ First Avenue|

Section 2: fundraising/ FNA - location/ social issues/ Johnson, Clara/ John, Ruby (Tansy)/ grant writing/ Alaska Natives/ Model Urban Indian Center - one of four/ Gallup, New Mexico/ St. Paul, Minnesota/ Los Angeles, California/ arts and crafts - sale/ volunteer/ Native land claims/ women - role of/ bake sales/ Tanana Chiefs Conference/ meetings/ Frank, Richard/ Frank, Anna (Taj)/ Perdue, Ralph|

Section 3: Tanana Chiefs Conference - location/ First and Lacey Streets/ Tanana/ Alaska Federation of Natives/ Anchorage/ Fairbanks Native Association - executive director/ Tanana Service Unit Health Board - election/ Fairbanks Native Association - location/ social services/ education/ arts and crafts/ youth center/ counseling/ Evan, Ernie/ Nenana/ moose - distribution/ Chena River/ Solomon, Hannah/ Gabriel, Grafton/ Hopson, Mable|

Section 4: Tanana Chiefs Conference - location/ DNH Corporation/ Doyon - location/ Native corporations/ Third Avenue/ Nerland Building/ Lacey Street/ Model Urban Indian Center/ Bureau of Indian Affairs/ Indian Health Service/ volunteerism|

Section 5: Siverly, Roxy/ Bergamaschi, John/ Monday, Blu/ First Avenue/ Interior Graphics/ Gilmore Tracking/ Ross, Fred/ Ketzler, Al, Sr./ Fort Yukon/ Beaver/ Stevens/ Tanana/ Rampart/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - location/ Native health services|

Section 6: education/ Johnson O'Malley program/ employment/ Model Urban Indian Center/ New Mexico/ Minnesota/ Los Angeles|

Section 7: Eagle's Hall/ potlatch - organization/ potlatch - children/ potlatch - food/ Fairbanks Correctional Center/ food - fish/ food - moose/ food - waste|

Section 8: Fairbanks Native Association - executive director/ Tanana Chiefs Conference/ University of Alaska Fairbanks|

Section 9: potlatch/ dog races/ villages|