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Jules Wright
Jules Wright

Jules Wright was interviewed on April 3, 1993 by Walter Newman, Sr. at Jule's home in Fairbanks, Alaska. Jules' wife, Elise, was also present during the interview. In this interview, Jules talks about the formation of the Fairbanks Native Association (FNA) and development of Native political and community organizations in interior Alaska and his involvement with these groups. He also talks about his family's history in Nenana, the role of Nenana as a training ground for Native leaders, and the social, educational, business, and treatment programs developed by FNA. This recording has been edited.

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1) Personal background

2) His involvement with the Fairbanks Native Association

3) Volunteers involved with the early Fairbanks Native Association

4) Political leaders involved with the Native movement in Alaska

5) Goals of the early Fairbanks Native Association

6) History of Tanana Chiefs Conference and other Native organizations

7) His parents' history in Nenana

8) Nenana's role as a training ground for Native leaders

9) His involvement in Native organizations and his work in promoting Native hire

10) Early Fairbanks Native Association potlatches

11) Early Fairbanks Native Association programs

12) Role of Doyon Ltd. in encouraging business in the Native community

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Section 1: personal history/ Nenana/ Tanana/ Tundra Contractors/ mining/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - employment rights officer/ Manley Hot Springs Resort|

Section 2: Perdue, Ralph/ Fairbanks Native Association - involvement with/ education/ dormitory housing/ Juneau/ Gravel, Mike/ Nenana - dormitory housing/ villages - youth/ Alaska State House of Representatives - election to|

Section 3: Perdue, Ralph/ Perdue, Dorothy/ Fate, Mary Jane/ Lincoln, Georgianna/ Ivy, Jerry/ Indian Health Service/ Anchorage/ volunteerism|

Section 4: Bartlett, Bob/ Washington, D.C./ village housing - conference/ Fairbanks Native Association/ Anchorage/ Alaska Federation of Natives - formation/ Egan, Bill/ politics - Native issues|

Section 5: Bureau of Indian Affairs - schools/ education - revamping system/ housing/ Alaska Federation of Natives - formation/ Fairbanks Native Association - goals/ Fairbanks/ villages - lack of representation|

Section 6: Tanana Chiefs Conference - revival/ villages - Interior/ Fairbanks Native Association - role in Tanana Chiefs Conference/ Alaska Federation of Native Associations/ Alaska Federation of Natives - formation/ Wright, Don/ Nixon, Richard/ land claims - involvement/ Doyon Ltd. - incorporation/ Seth-Ya-Ha - board|

Section 7: Nenana/ Minto/ Tanana/ Episcopal Church - missionary/ St. Mark's Mission/ Rowe, Peter Trimble/ Cruikshank, Moses/ language - translation/ travel - dog team/ Nicholson, Jay/ St. Mark's Mission - loss to river|

Section 8: Nenana - Native activists/ Fairbanks/ Native movement/ villages - urban contact/ politics/ government/ Demientieff, Mitch/ Charley, Melvin|

Section 9: Fairbanks Native Association/ Tanana Chiefs Conference/ Doyon Ltd. - incorporation/ Seth-Ya-Ha Corporation/ jobs - construction/ Kenai Peninsula/ Tok/ Bush/ job-training/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - employment programs|

Section 10: Fairbanks Native Association - potlatch/ Eagle's Hall/ Fifth Avenue/ food - preparation/ cross-cultural understanding/ Perdue, Ralph/ North Slope/ villages - contributions/ food - beaver/ food - moose/ food - caribou/ food - muktuk/ Barrow|

Section 11: Johnson O'Malley program/ employment/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - employment/ alcoholism treatment/ volunteerism - importance|

Section 12: Doyon Ltd. - business status/ Doyon Ltd. - employment |