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Walter "Wally" Carlo, Interview 1
Wally Carlo

Walter "Wally" Carlo was interviewed on March 3, 1993 by Walter Newman, Sr. and Kathy Kaldor at the Doyon Building in Fairbanks, Alaska. In this interview, Wally talks about the founding of the Fairbanks Native Association (FNA), its early leadership, his role in the early days, and programs sponsored by FNA. He also talks about members of his family, surviving an airplane crash, and his interest in sports.

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1) Personal background

2) Beginnings of the Fairbanks Native Association potlatch

3) Some early organizers of Fairbanks Native Association

4) His role in formation of Native organizations

5) Surviving an airplane crash in winter

6) Jobs held by him and by family members

7) Some early organizers of Fairbanks Native Association

8) His interests in sports

9) Progress in Fairbanks Native Association's social programs

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Section 1: Carlo, Poldine/ Carlo, William/ Nulato/ Rampart/ Ruby/ Bureau of Indian Affairs - schools/ Fairbanks/ Fairbanks - schools/ family history/ Fairbanks Native Association - formation/ family - role of/ Hensley, Willie/ Perdue, Ralph/ Native corporations - formation/ Gray, Nick/ Alaska Federation of Natives - formation|

Section 2: Fairbanks Native Association - potlatch/ North American Sled Dog Races/ Demoski, Louis/ Galena/ entertainment/ bars|

Section 3: Carlo, Poldine/ Carlo, William/ Harwoods/ Fate, Mary Jane/ Frank, Richard/ Fate, Hugh/ Lincoln, Georgianna/ Wright, Jules/ Perdue, Ralph/ Perdue, Dorothy/ Hensley, Willie/ Gray, Nick/ 102 Lacey St./ Fairbanks Native Association - meetings|

Section 4: Tanana/ fishing/ hunting/ trapping/ urban Indians/ Nuchalawoyya/ Ketzler, Al/ Tanana Chiefs Conference - early meetings/ Minto Flats road/ village corporations/ Long Beach, Calif./ Fairbanks/ River Villages Corporation - formation/ employment - Native/ DNH/ Doyon Ltd. - board of directors/ Fort Yukon/ Nenana/ Minto/ Stevens Village/ Kotzlazna/ Koyukuk River/ Allakaket/ Hughes/ Huslia/ Alatna|

Section 5: travel - airplane/ trapline - supplies/ Allakaket/ airplane - crash/ survival - techniques/ Bettles/ Van Hatten, Mickey|

Section 6: Doyon Ltd. - board of directors/ Fairbanks Native Association - executive director/ sister - Ann/ sister - Carlo, Kathleen/ wood-carving/ metalsmithing/ Lower Kuskokwim School District/ Yukon-Koyukuk School District/ Yukon Flats School District/ Fairbanks - schools/ children - art/ Doyon Ltd. - building maintenance|

Section 7: Siverly, Roxie/ Bergamaschi, John/ Anderson, Chris/ Kito, Sam/ Gilmore Tracking Site/ RCA graduates/ Thompson, Morris -- current president (in 1992)/ Peterson, Larry/ Anderson, Nels/ DNH/ Doyon/ Fairbanks Native Development Corporation -- profit organization/ employment - Native|

Section 8: dog races/ World Eskimo-Indian Olympics/ boat races/ sports - personal/ Tanana Junior High School - cross country skiing/ Birch Hill/ Beaver/ Stevens/ Rampart/ Fort Yukon/ Venetie|

Section 9: Native rights/ education - village vs. urban/ JOM programs/ boarding homes/ Fairbanks - schools/ University of Alaska - preparation for/ Fairbanks Native Association - employment/ environmental/ substance abuse/ sobriety movement/ culture - work vs. welfare/ culture - change|