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Jerry Woods
Jerry Woods

Jerry Woods was interviewed on February 19, 1993 by Walter Newman, Sr. and Kathy Kaldor at Jerry's office at the Fairbanks Native Association in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. In this interview, Jerry talks about the history of the Fairbanks Native Association (FNA), the early leaders, why the organization was formed, its goals, and the services it provides. He also discusses the Native land claims movement, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), and FNA's relationship with Tanana Chiefs Conference and Doyon, Ltd. regional corporation. He also discusses the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics and the Yukon 800 boat race as important Native events in Fairbanks.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 92-05-20

Project: Fairbanks Native Association
Date of Interview: Feb 19, 1993
Narrator(s): Jerry Woods
Interviewer(s): Walter Newman, Sr., Kathy Kaldor
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
Fairbanks Native Association, National Park Service
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1) Personal background

2) Fairbanks Native Association history and some of the people involved

3) Involvement with early Native organizations and working for Fairbanks Native Association

4) Working for Tanana Chiefs Conference, Doyon Ltd. Regional Corporation, and Fairbanks Native Association, and racing in the Yukon-800 boat race

5) Competing in the Yukon-800 boat race

6) World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

7) Fairbanks Native Association goals

8) Native land selections

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Section 1: Samuelson, Moe/ Samuelson, Ruth/ Tanana/ Bethel/ Ladd Air Force Base/ Fairbanks Native Association/ World Eskimo-Indian Olympics|

Section 2: Perdue, Ralph/ Perdue, Dorothy/ Wright, Don/ Worth, Sophie/ Peratrovich, Frank/ Peratrovich, Nettie/ Carlos/ Hamilton, Leonard/ Gabriel, Grafton/ Fairbanks Native Association - employment department/ Alaska Federation of Natives/ communications - satellite/ liaison officer/ communications - ATS-1 Satellite/ health aides/ Washington - Alaska - Montana - Idaho college program/ health - medical delivery/ communications - problems|

Section 3: Tanana/ hospital/ communications/ village/ change/ dog teams/ snowmachines/ Trans-Alaska Pipeline - employment/ Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA)/ Alaska Federation of Natives/ Alaska plan/ Trans-Alaska Pipeline/ Ross, Charlie/ Schaeffer, Lenny/ Jennings, Mike/ Nixon, Richard, President/ Drake, Tom/ Rock, Howard/ Richards, Tony/ Tundra Times/ World Eskimo-Indian Olympics/ Fairbanks Native Association - potlatch/ FNA - president/ FNA - vice president/ Kito, Sam/ Sackett, John/ Indian Parent Committee/ Hamilton, Leonard/ Anderson, Chris/ Anderson, Olive/ Carlo, Poldine|

Section 4: telecommunications/ satellite/ employment/ Tanana Chiefs Conference/ Doyon Ltd./ college/ job - Native planning administrator/ Anderson, Chris/ Fairbanks Native Association/ civil rights investigator/ Fairbanks Outboard Racing Association/ Yukon 800/ World Eskimo-Indian Olympics/ potlatch/ boats - outboard racing|

Section 5: Yukon-800 boat race/ boat racing/ competition/ Samuelson, Moe/ Nenana/ Alexander, Wes/ Tanana/ Fairbanks Outboard Racing Association/ boat racers/ boat race - support for/ village - support/ Evans, Junior/ Evans, Jerry/ elders - honoring/ Gustafson, Ed/ Anderson, Johnny/ Moses, Junior/ Jimmy, Andy/ Bates, Dan/ Hayward, Del/ Movius, Jim/ Yukon 800 - first race/ race - route/ Circle/ boat - Slo Mo I/ Ruby|

Section 6: Samuelson, Ruth/ Samuelson, Moe/ salmon/ Monroe High School/ blanket toss/ Joule, Reggie/ Tanacross/ Big Dipper/ Arctic Winter Games/ Harry Field/ Dene Games/ Samson, Will/ Mills, Bill|

Section 7: employment office/ Junior Achievement/ Howard Luke School/ Carlo, Wally/ Luke, Howard/ Howard Luke Camp/ Fairbanks Native Association - politics/ Lincoln, Georgianna/ Gabriel, Grafton/ Carlo, Trey ???/ Fairbanks Native Elders' Program/ DNH|

Section 8: Tanana Chiefs Conference - land specialist/ Jenks, Bob/ land selections/ historical sites/ cemeteries/ Wallis, Tim/ Native planning administrator/ Doyon/ Sackett, John/ Kito, Sam/ Ford, Gerald/ Johnny Carson Show/ Joule, Reggie/ Bergt, Laura/ Miss Alaska|