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Poldine Carlo, Sally Hudson, and Hannah Solomon
Poldine Carlo (r) and Sally Hudson (l), Hannah Solomon

Poldine Carlo, Sally Hudson, and Hannah Solomon are interviewed on October 30, 1991 by Bernice Joseph in Fairbanks, Alaska. In this interview, these three Native women leaders talk about the founding of the Fairbanks Native Association to help villagers adapt to life in the city, starting FNA's arts and crafts program to sell Native artwork in Fairbanks, and organizing the FNA potlatch to share traditional foods and support the Native community in Fairbanks. They also talk about changes to Native culture, differences between village life and city life, and their thoughts on the continuation of FNA programs.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 92-05-05

Project: Fairbanks Native Association
Date of Interview: Oct 30, 1991
Narrator(s): Poldine Carlo, Sally Hudson, Hannah Solomon
Interviewer(s): Bernice Joseph
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
Fairbanks Native Association, National Park Service
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1) Selling village arts and crafts for FNA

2) Growth of arts and crafts sales

3) Selling arts and crafts from the villages at the FNA store, and the closeness of the Native community

4) Effort in producing FNA Potlatch 

5) Friendship with each other

6) Preparing for the FNA Potlatch

7) Changes in Native culture in Fairbanks and in villages

8) Selling Arts and Crafts

9) Difference between life in Fairbanks and the villages

10) The FNA in the old days and things it should be doing today

11) Things FNA should be doing today, the need for a central gathering place, and FNA being established before drug use became a problem

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Section 1: Rampart/ arts and crafts/ villages/ Nulato/ fund-raising/ Fort Yukon/ sales/ Perdue, Ralph/ Nordale Hotel|

Section 2: Fairbanks/ salmon bake/ Alaskaland/ Tanana Valley Fairgrounds/ beadwork/ fur/ ivory carving/ Northward Building/ art - quality|

Section 3: parkas/ historic photographs/ arts and crafts - sale/ Fairbanks Native Association - store/ Alaskaland/ Fairbanks - 1967 flood/ flood - impact of/ villages/ support/ Perdue, Ralph/ education/ cooperation/ Native community/ community - closeness/ lifestyle - change|

Section 4: carnival/ Fairbanks Native Association - potlatch/ potlatch - committees/ food - bread/ food - cakes/ food - meat/ Fairbanks Correctional Center - assistance/ food - salmon/ clothing - parkas/ clothing - mocassins/ holidays - Christmas/ Eagle's Hall/ Fifth Avenue/ Minto - dancers/ Nulato - dancers/ Stickman, Joe/ travel - dog teams/ travel - airplane|

Section 5: Fort Yukon/ Fairbanks/ Hudson, Sally/ potlatch/ mission/ Carlo, Poldine/ food - campfire tea|

Section 6: potlatch - donations/ food - salmon|

Section 7: Perdue, Ralph/ dog races/ bars/ potlatch - at Poldine Carlo's house/ dance/ music/ jobs/ education/ culture - change/ Rampart/ World War II/ trade - fish/ trade - furs/ trade - cash |

Section 8: Fairbanks - 1967 flood/ Alaskaland/ arts and crafts sales|

Section 9: Native youth/ lifestyle - village/ beadwork/ ? , Michelle/ Fairbanks/ Fort Yukon/ disease - chickenpox/ Rampart/ Carlson (Evans), Marge/ Little League baseball/ ?, Peter/ wood-cutting/ Birch Park Apartments/ fuel - oil/ arts and crafts - sales|

Section 10: Fairbanks Native Association - office/ Third Avenue/ Doyon/ caribou skin - fleshing/ Native Center/ Fairbanks Native Association - changes/ language - teaching children|

Section 11: Fairbanks Native Association - meetings/ education/ traditional skills/ skin tanning/ beaver/ caribou/ Venetie/ animal skins - sale of/ Fairbanks Native Association - future/ villagers/Fairbanks gathering place/ community center/ visiting/ hospitality/ fun/ music/ coffee/ FNA - community services/ substance abuse - treatment/ drug use/ Scott, Dick/ FNA - early days/ drug use - lack of|