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Johnson Stalker, Part 2
Johnson Stalker

This is the continuation of an interview with Johnson Stalker on January 25, 2001 with Bill Schneider and Rose Atuk Fosdick at Johnson's home in Buckland, Alaska. In this second part of a two part interview, Johnson continues to talk about reindeer herding, trying to control your herd, and protecting the reindeer from predators like wolves. He also talks about driving his reindeer to Nome and the difficulties he encountered along the way.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2000-102-08_PT.2

Project: Reindeer Herding: The Present and the Past
Date of Interview: Jan 25, 2001
Narrator(s): Johnson Stalker
Interviewer(s): Bill Schneider, Rose Atuk Fosdick
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Science Foundation
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1) Wolves and how the reindeer herders dealt with them.

2) Dealing with wolves; a herder's knowledge of the country; where to take the deer driving the deer down to Nome and the problems encountered along the way.

3) Driving reindeer to Nome and the problems herders encounter along the way.

4) Conclusion.

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Section 1: wolves\ Noatak\ dad\ nighttime\ willow stick\ lantern -- hang low\ red cloth -- hang inside lantern\ bottom -- tie down bottom\ reindeer\ reindeer -- move close to\ reindeer -- check in the morning\ lantern -- turn off\ red light -- works like a scarecrow for wolves|

Section 2: Adams, Tommy\ wolf tracks\ light\ run back\ reindeer -- kill to eat\ tongue -- favorite part\ lanterns -- works\ snowshoes\ problems\ driving the reindeer\ reindeer -- stopping to fed them\ driving -- start early in the morning\ lunch -- break to eat\ reindeer rest\ Nome -- driving the reindeer to\ long trip|

Section 3: travel -- no moss\ looking for moss\ soft place\ herd\ smell\ reindeer -- stop to eat\ sled deer\ moss -- from Kotzebue\ ice carnival\ hay\ reindeer moss\ eat good\ walking\ no feed -- sad\ reindeer -- legs get weak\ good feed -- reindeer rest for a day\ reindeer -- eat all they want\ Davis, Larry|

Section 4: doing his best\ helpful|