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Thomas Brower, Sr., Interview 2, Part 2
Thomas Brower, Sr.

This is the continuation of an interview with Thomas "Tom" Brower, Sr. (Paniattaaq) on January 21, 1983 by Bill Schneider and Wendy Arundale at his home in Barrow, Alaska (now known as Utqiaġvik) to review what he said in a previous interview on March 11, 1982 and how it was written up in the Chipp-Ikpikpuk and Meade Rivers Oral History Project final report. In this second part of a two part interview, Tom talks about reindeer herding, the fur trade and trading posts, events that occurred during his youth, and his maturation into adulthood. (IHLC Tape #00063)

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 87-102-06

Project: Chipp-Ikpikpuk and Meade Rivers Oral History Project
Date of Interview: Jan 21, 1983
Narrator(s): Thomas "Tom" Brower, Sr.
Interviewer(s): Bill Schneider, Wendy Arundale
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
North Slope Borough, Iñupiat History, Language and Culture Commission
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1) Reindeer herding on his own.

2) The Brower trade network along the coast.

3) His mother's brothers and becoming an adult.

4) Events that occurred during his youth and maturity.

5) His return to Barrow and continued maturation.

6) Reindeer herding.

7) Trading posts.

8) Captain C.T. Pederson, the fur trade, and selling fur crafts to tourists.

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Section 1: Brower, Sr.. Tom\ Hopson, Eben\ reindeer - purchase\ BIA - Department of Education\ reindeer - acquisition\ Brower, Sr., Charles\ epidemic - measles\ Brower - family\ reindeer - herd management\ reindeer - herd size\ reindeer - pelts\ trade - fur\ partnership - trade|

Section 2: trading - trading post\ trade - plants\ Wainwright\ Allen, Jim\ Icy Cape\ Upicksoun\ trade - territory\ trade - off-shore allotments|

Section 3: Ahsoak, Alex\ Taalak\ Ugiaġnaq, Roy\ education - hunting\ determination|

Section 4: Brower, Sr., Charles\ mail run - Kotzebue\ dog teams - use\ Teller\ Port Clarence\ maktak\ whaling - 1919\ whale - populations\ whale - behavior|

Section 5: Barrow\ Brower, Sr., Tom\ reindeer - herding\ wages\ Brower, Sr., Charles\ business - family\ business - management|

Section 6: Brower, Sr., Tom\ reindeer - herding\ reindeer - family involvement\ reindeer - loss of herd|

Section 7: Trading posts\ trading post - Beechey Point\ trading post - Oliktok Point\ trading post - Barter Island\ trading post - Demarcation Point\ trading - permits\ trade - Herschel Island\ permits - mounted police\ Hudson Bay Company - exploitation|

Section 8: Pederson, Captain C.T.\ family - Barrow\ residence - Barrow\ residence - California\ death\ crafts - polar bear rugs\ crafts - tourists\ Pederson, Ted\ whaling|