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Adam Leavitt, Part 1
Adam Leavitt

Adam Leavitt (Qapqan) was interviewed on January 23, 1983 by William Schneider and Wendy Arundale in his home in Atqasuk, Alaska for the Chipp-Ikpikpuk and Meade Rivers Oral History Project. In this first part of a two part interview, Adam talks about his family background, his father, George Leavitt, and his father's trade activities in the Cape Halkett, Colville River, and Prudhoe Bay areas along the Beaufort Sea coast. Adam also talks about trading in general and the development of trading posts in the area and the shift in population, as well as his own personal work history. (IHLC Tape #00058)

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1) His family background.

2) His father's connections to Cape Halkett.

3) His father's trade activities.

4) The end of trade and the development of trading posts.

5) Captain Pederson and trade.

6) Working on the North Slope around World War II.

7) Sites in the Aiyahak area.

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Section 1: Leavitt, Adam\ Leavitt, George T. - father\ Barrow\ Maasak, Mae - mother\ Newman, Turak\ Colville area\ Anaralak, Edward\ Leavitt, Captain\ Iluġiak\ POW 1 station\ Cape Halkett\ boats - wintering\ Kapkana\ Colville River\ Sovalik, Pete\ Utukok\ Ayaqhaat\ Shishmaref\ orphans\ Asiaŋŋataq\ Brower, Sr., Charles|

Section 2: Leavitt, George T.\ trade - Colville River\ Prudhoe Bay\ trade - summer\ Barrow\ travel - eastward\ travel - skin boat\ travel - whale boats\ Smith Bay\ Mayuaġiaq\ Tasiqpak Lake\ portage\ Harrison Bay\ Kuguruk\ Niġliq|

Section 3: Leavitt, George T.\ travel - routes\ goods - ammunition\ goods - flour\ goods - blubber\ goods - orders\ trade - partners\ nets - gill\ trade - Colville River\ travel - time spent\ fur\ goods - exchange\ travel - last trip|

Section 4: trading posts\ Brower, Sr., Charles\ boats - trading\ H. Liebes Co.\ Pederson, Captain\ Cape Halkett\ Edwardsen, Tony\ Uuliktuq\ trading post - Eskimo Island\ trading post - Beechey Point\ trading post - Barter Island\ Gordon, Tom\ Liebes Trading Post\ Smith, Jack\ Wiseman\ trapping - Prudhoe\ trading post - Prudhoe\ Chamberlain, Henry\ trading post - Brownlow Point\ Flaxman Island|

Section 5: travel - Herschel Island\ Pederson, Captain\ Cape Halkett\ Itta\ Itta, Noah\ Itta, Miles\ Itta, Harold\ Leavitt, George\ trading post - Cape Halkett\ Hagness, John\ Kern, Albert\ fox - farm\ fox - fence\ trade\ Morris, Oliver\ pre-World War II\ trading post - 1941\ Barrow\ family\ trade - fur\ fishing - Tasiqpak Lake\ fishing - Colville River\ Smith, Jack\ Collinson Point\ Samaqtuk River\ Beechey Point|

Section 6: Brower, Thomas\ Brower, Charles\ Barrow\ population - east\ population - coastal\ population - 1930s\ population - high\ World War II\ Leavitt, Adam\ Barrow - 1943\ hunting\ employment - wage labor\ hunting - seal\ hunting - caribou\ Meade River\ work - Arctic Contractors\ work - 1949\ work - hospital\ work - carpentry\ work - Arctic Research\ Sovalik, Pete\ Lampe, Chester\ work - 1952\ work - boats\ landing craft\ travel - Wainwright\ travel - foot\ work - Wien Airlines\ camps - DEW line\ Demarcation Point\ work - Fairbanks\ work - construction\ work - seasonal\ work - Clear\ work - North Slope Borough\ work - Anaktuvuk Pass|

Section 7: qargi\ cache\ caribou - antlers\ caribou - bones\ Qialuk\ Fish Creek\ Uvaklutuaq\ Tagli|