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Justin Patsy
Justin Patsy

Justin Patsy was interviewed on October 26, 1997 by Mike Spindler in Nulato, Alaska for the Raven's Story radio series on KIYU-AM public radio station in Galena, Alaska. In this interview, Justin talks about living a traditional subsistence lifestyle based upon hunting, trapping, fishing and gathering. He discusses hunting bears, ducks, geese and ptarmigan, trapping beavers, muskrat and rabbits, and life at fish camp and using a fish trap. He also talks about the challenges of such a lifestyle, including almost starving, rough traveling conditions, being shot, and making accurate weather predictions.

The interview was edited and produced by Clinton Brown.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2004-01-11

Project: Raven's Story
Date of Interview: Oct 26, 1997
Narrator(s): Justin Patsy
Interviewer(s): Mike Spindler
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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1) Biography (1:50)

2) Almost Starving (4:17)

3) Beaver (3:31)

4) Berries (3:28)

5) Bear Meat (2:29)

6) Brown Bear Den (3:02)

7) Brown Bear Luck (4:18)

8) Disappearing Muskrats (3:24)

9) Ducks and Geese (4:14)

10) Fish Camp (3:28)

11) Fish Traps (2:36)

12) Getting Shot (3:09)

13) Living in the Day (2:29)

14) Rabbits and Ptarmigan (3:00)

15) Spring Out (3:20)

16) Rough Trip (3:45)

17) Traditional Weather Forecasts (2:47)

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