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Field Trip to Dry Bay, Part 2
Field Trip to Dry Bay, Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards was interviewed on May 4, 1998 by Wayne Howell and Mary Ann Porter in Harold Robbins' cabin at Dry Bay, Alaska. This is the second interview of the field trip where members of the Gunaxoo Kwaan traveled from Yakutat to Dry Bay with National Park Service employees to search for lost village sites and record recollections of life at Dry Bay. In this interview, Sally remembers the devastating earthquake of 1958, intriguing bear encounters, and later discusses genealogy and lineage with Lorraine Adams.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2001-10-02_PT.2

Project: Dry Bay
Date of Interview: May 4, 1998
Narrator(s): Sally Edwards, Lorraine Adams, Members of Gunaxoo Kwaan
Interviewer(s): Wayne Howell, Mary Ann Porter
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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Sally Edwards talks to Mary Ann Porter about...

1) Description of the 1958 earthquake in Lituya Bay.

2) Description of the earthquake.

3) Trying to organize in the wake of the earthquake.

4) Reorganizing after the earthquake.

5) The strange disappearance of the blue bear.

Sally Edwards talke to Wayne Howell and Mary Ann Porter about...

6) Seeing a huge bear by the cabin.

7) Big bears in the Dry Bay area; Sally and Sigurd's cat.

Sally Edwards and Lorraine Adams talk to Mary Ann Porter about...

8) The new cat's motherly instincts, and how Sigurd acquired a wolf tail.

9) The tailless wolf returns.

10) Digging up the white frog.

11) Dedicating tribal houses and potlatches.

12) Sally and Lorraine's Tlingit names.

13) Genealogy and history.

14) More genealogy.

15) Names and history of area tribes.

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Section 1: Lituya Bay\ earthquake\ Nichols, Dick\ Yakutat\ salmon berries\ berries -- picking\ steam combers\ Edwards, Sigurd\ fishing\ river -- foam\ river -- banks\ earthquake -- impact\ landslides|

Section 2: Edwards, Sigurd\ earthquake\ tent -- water\ camp -- Chester's\ Vent, Butch -- pilot\ Alsek Lake\ icebergs\ glacier\ camp -- Sigurd's parents'\ Geddes, Bill\ Williams Creek|

Section 3: supplies -- washed out\ fishing -- nets\ gas drums\ fish trucks\ Akwe River\ Dry Bay\ steam -- sand flats\ Geddes, Bill\ foam -- insects|

Section 4: earthquake\ cabin -- sank\ cabin -- Army style\ four-wheelers\ Williams Creek\ Edwards, Sigurd\ Francis, Ernest\ strawberries|

Section 5: bear\ Italio River\ Phillips, David\ Henniger, Barney\ bear -- blue\ permits\ eagles\ driftwood\ bear -- disappearance\ Robbins, Harold\ Robbins, Betty\ supernatural|

Section 6: musk ox\ bear\ Edwards, Sigurd\ buffalo\ cabin\ boats -- gas\ tracks -- bear\ Alsek Lake\ bears -- size|

Section 7: Edwards, Sigurd\ boat\ bears\ Dry Bay\ cat -- Alsek\ Erickson, Fred\ Johnson, John\ Finns\ Alsek Lake\ cat -- trapped\ birds -- seagulls|

Section 8: Anklin River\ earthquake\ Edwards, Sigurd\ cat -- Alsek\ birds -- pigeons\ wolf -- shot\ Edwards, Sigurd\ wolf -- bounty\ wolf -- tail|

Section 9: wolf -- tail\ cabin -- wolf\ fuel -- Blazo\ Geddes, Bill\ rifles|

Section 10: houses\ cannery\ Daginaa hit Hit\ frog -- white\ Gus'eix\ George, Annie\ Dry Bay Chief George\ Chishni.yaa\ Italio, Frank|

Section 11: tribal houses\ Frog House\ White Frog\ George, Annie\ party\ survey\ houses -- dedication\ Yakutat, AK\ baskets\ house -- head\ gifts\ potlatches\ Edwards, Sigurd\ Kookio, Kaacháagi Eesh, Keitéech, Woochixoo Eesh\ Ramos, George|

Section 12: Edwards, Sally -- Staan Tlaa, Nkuyees Nukch\ Adams, Lorraine -- Tleikw Waasée\ salmonberries\ Paddy, Jenny\ Kuseen\ Ellis, Jack -- mother, Elizabeth\ Frog House\ Sitka, AK\ Toosáa -- spinning hat\ Shaawát Tlein -- big woman\ Gunaa Shaa\ Dick, Frank|

Section 13: tribal houses\ Frog House\ Staagwaan -- Ned James\ name - Russian\ Paddy, Jenny\ James, Daryl - Kaaxáaxaa\ Abraham -- surname\ Italio, Max\ father -- Yaakwaan\ George, Annie Yaakwaan\ George, Annie -- sister\ sisters -- twins\ Alaska Native Sisterhood -- President\ Sheldon Jackson -- school\ Williams, Nick\ Sitka, AK\ Hope, Andrew|

Section 14: Ewan, Jody\ Williams, Dora -- Jody's grandmother\ Sitka, AK\ Abraham, Joseph -- Dora's father\ Ewon, Jody -- Mel's sister\ Paddy, Jenny -- Jody's mother\ Italio, Max\ book -- DeLaguna\ tribal houses\ Mountain House -- construction\ Ellis, Jack\ Patton, Gary\ Dry Bay|

Section 15: tribal houses\ potlatches\ George, Sam\ Italio, Frank\ Francis, George\ Yakutat, AK\ Teikwiedi'\ Kaagwaantaan\ shamans -- reburied\ grave -- preparation\ George, Thomas\ George, Annie\ Frog House -- Xixchi\ Xixchi Shaan, Duksá.aat\ frog -- albino\ Edwards, Sigurd\ frogs\ city hall\ children -- play|