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Sally Edwards
Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards was interviewed by Wayne Howell on January 15, 1998 at the National Park Service Visitor Center in Yakutat, Alaska. In this interview, Sally talks about the custom of families helping each other out by adopting children when necessary, potlatches held in tribal halls, growing up a "tomboy," and the impact of stores moving into Yakutat.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2001-10-05

Project: Dry Bay
Date of Interview: Jan 15, 1998
Narrator(s): Sally Edwards
Interviewer(s): Wayne Howell
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Families helping out by adopting children when needed.

2) Her father knowing that she would marry Sigurd, back when they were young children.

3) Potlatches in tribal halls; stores coming into the area.

4) Different ways to prepare a variety of foods.

5) Weather prediction in the old days; growing up "tomboy"; and commercial fishing.

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Section 1: Hanson, Situk Slough\ family -- help\ children\ "Sitka Nate"\ "Mrs. Sitka Nate"\ drowning -- Knight Island\ adoption\ Situk River\ Gallager, Ida\ Yakutat, AK\ "Mom Doll Grin"\ Patton, Gary -- nephew\ Grindle, Helen\ Moon House\ tribal house|

Section 2: Edwards, Sigurd\ anniversary\ Edwards, Sally -- father\ marriage\ school\ tribal house -- Daginaa hít\ Edwards, Sally -- brother\ children -- twins\ Susan -- twins|

Section 3: potlatches\ tribal houses\ Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall\ potlatch -- duration\ blankets\ bracelets -- gold\ blankets -- sea otter\ rugs -- goat skin\ food -- Native\ McNeil, Libby\ food -- store bought\ stores\ New England Store\ Mr. Johnson\ family -- marriage into\ Meltin, Laura\ Beasly, Dick\ Reesus, Dick\ Multin, William\ stores -- family\ store keeper -- marriage\ candy|

Section 4: bread -- making\ Indian fry bread\ food -- storage\ fish -- smoked\ meat -- seal\ food -- preparation\ seaweed\ berries\ seafood\ food -- drying\ Ankau River\ seaweed -- black\ rain\ Sun Dance\ bonfire -- beach\ dancing\ dresses|

Section 5: weather -- control\ weather -- prediction\ hunting\ drums\ halibut -- jigging\ sea otters\ rain\ smokehouse\ halibut -- smoked\ tomboys\ carpentry -- skill\ father -- one arm\ Edwards, Sally -- sister\ fishing -- commercial\ waves -- breakers\ boat -- sink\ uncle -- Clarence\ uncle -- David\ uncle -- George\ uncle Harvey\ swim -- with boots|