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Sally Edwards and Lorraine Adams, Interview 2
Sally Edwards, Lorraine Adams

Lorraine Adams and Sally Edwards were interviewed on October 5, 1998 by Wayne Howell, Caroline Elder, and Rose Adams at the National Park Service Visitor Center in Yakutat, Alaska. In this second of two interviews, Sally and Lorraine discuss the genealogy and lineage of the Dry Bay and Lituya Bay people. Together, they describe what sparked their interest in genealogy, the process of naming one's children after ancestors, and the importance of knowing one's genealogy and cultural heritage.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2001-10-07_PT.2

Project: Dry Bay
Date of Interview: Oct 5, 1998
Narrator(s): Sally Edwards, Lorraine Adams
Interviewer(s): Wayne Howell
People Present: Caroline Elder, Rose Adams
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Their interest in genealogy and the process of naming one's children after ancestors.

2) Previous owners of Lorraine's sons' names.

3) What sparked Sally's interest in genealogy and researching with Lorraine.

4) How they conduct research; discussing some of the people in their genealogy.

5) History of Dry Bay Chief George and his two brothers.

6) Information they gathered on the history and names of Ned James.

7) Working on Sigurd's genealogy.

8) Genealogy of Lituya Bay Chief George.

9) Movement from Lituya Bay to Dry Bay.

10) Discussing several tribal houses in the area.

11) The changing of clan names due to population movements.

12) The abandonment of Gus'eix and occasional use thereafter.

13) The abandonment of Lituya Bay and its relation with Dry Bay.

14) The importance of knowing genealogy and tribal affiliation.

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Section 1: genealogy\ information -- gathering\ children -- naming\ ancestor -- name\ Paddy, Jenny -- great-grandmother\ George, Anna -- great-grandmother|

Section 2: names -- owners\ Déxwudu.oo\ Adams, Sally -- husband\ Gus'eix -- chief\ battle -- story\ Teikwiedi' tribe\ names -- history\ Dry Bay Chief George\ Kusán\ grandmother -- gives names\ George, Anna\ name -- dream|

Section 3: books -- DeLaguna\ names -- old people\ clans\ Patton, Gary -- nephew\ Anchorage, AK\ family -- history\ names -- spelling\ census -- papers\ Alaska State Archives\ Juneau, AK\ Williams, David\ cemetery -- mission\ Situk's Cemetery|

Section 4: census -- records\ Williams, David\ Dry Bay\ Shangukeidé -- clan\ archival records -- errors\ books -- DeLaguna\ Káataan -- Box House Chief\ Kaagwaantaan\ Dry Bay George -- sons\ Déxwudu.oo \ Lingít aaní kinaa\ Kaankidaa éesh \ Gus'eix\ tribal house\ foundation -- digging\ frog\ Dook sa.áat' -- cold skin\ name -- receiving\ potlatch\ marriage\ Controller Bay area\ drownings|

Section 5: Dry Bay George -- children\ Dry Bay Chief George -- Jísneey\ Kusán\ uncle -- killed\ battle -- Klukwan area\ battle -- Chilkoots\ Kaawus.aa\ name -- grandfather\ tribal house -- builder\ Frog House\ Sitka, AK\ James, Ned -- builder\ photographs|

Section 6: James, Ned\ Dry Bay Chief George\ Kiks.ádi\ Frog -- chopped down\ tribal house\ Yakutat area\ books -- DeLaguna\ "Mission Jim"\ interpreter\ research -- difficulty\ Williams, David\ Staagwáan\ James, Daryl -- son\ Edwards, Sigurd -- Genealogy\ Johnson, Esther\ Lituya Bay Chief George\ White, Freddy|

Section 7: Edwards, Sigurd -- genealogy\ Dry Bay\ Dick, Frank\ Johnson, Ester\ Lituya Bay\ White, Fred\ Lituya Bay Chief George\ George, Susie\ White, Jenny\ George, Albert|

Section 8: George, Albert\ Lituya Bay Chief George\ Kaagwaantaan Yádi\ Box House\ clan -- X'at'ka.aayí\ Kaaseidée\ Thunderbird -- Shangukeidí \ island -- belong to\ genealogy\ Edwards, Sigurd\ L'uknax.a'di\ people -- migration|

Section 9: Gus'eix -- village\ Dry Bay\ Athabascan\ Lukaax.ádi\ Klukwaan area\ Yakutat area\ tribe -- size\ tribal houses\ Yaay hít -- Whale House\ Frog House\ Sea Lion House -- Taan hít\ Tá hít -- Sleepy Man's House\ Boulder House\ Crow House\ Far Out House\ Dry Bay\ Klahadi House\ Williams, John\ Dry Bay Jack\ Crow House -- rebuilt\ Sitka, AK\ Canoe Prow House\ Noow hít\ Yéil s'aagi hít -- Raven Bone House|

Section 10: Moon House\ Dís hít \ Mt. St. Elias\ Shaakahít\ Sleep House\ Dick, Frank\ village -- old\ house -- burned\ Daginaa hít\ Atch kudateenkahídi\ Edwards, Sigurd\ Frog House\ Mountain House\ Mt. Fairweather\ Tslxáan yádi\ Thunderbird House\ Dry Bay\ Gunanaa xoo\ Gunaaxoo\ Athabascans\ Alsek River|

Section 11: Gunaaxoo kwáan\ Dagisdinaa\ Gunananaaxoo Athabascans -- move\ name -- change\ Dry Bay\ Gus'eix\ Akwe River\ Dagisdinaa\ Shangukeidí\ Copper River\ Yakutat, AK\ K'inéix kwáan\ Kwaask'i kwáan -- Humpy Creek|

Section 12: Gus'eix -- abandoned\ Russian -- time period\ Johnson, Ester\ Dry Bay -- trapping\ Edwards, Sigurd -- family\ Dick, Frank -- family\ Dry Bay -- move\ groceries\ Yakutat, AK\ World War II\ Army\ boats -- Yakutat\ boats -- Italio\ mines -- sea\ fishing\ Gus'eix\ Klukwan\ battle -- Chilkoots\ Lituya Bay\ drownings\ canoes\ Gus'eix -- desertion\ Sitka, AK\ Hoonah, AK\ Johnson, Vincent|

Section 13: Dry Bay\ Lituya Bay -- abandoned\ White, Jenny\ Lituya Bay Chief\ census\ families\ tribe\ L'uknax.a'di\ X'at'ka.aayí|

Section 14: potlatches\ history -- tribal\ genealogy -- importance\ death -- opposite tribe\ L'uknax.a'di yádi\ L'uknax.a'di\ White, Jenny\ Lituya Bay George\ casket -- carrying|