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Karen Kallen-Brown, Part 2
Karen Kallen-Brown

This is the continuation of an interview with Karen Kallen-Brown on October 29, 1991 by Dan O'Neill in the audio studio at Elmer E. Rasmuson Library on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Fairbanks, Alaska. In this second part of a two part interview, Karen talks about the challenges of moving the family from life in a remote cabin on the Kandik River to Fairbanks, returning to their fish camp every summer, and issues surrounding management of subsistence by the National Park Service and its impacts on people living in the country and wilderness preservation.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 91-22-49

Project: Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve
Date of Interview: Oct 29, 1991
Narrator(s): Karen Kallen-Brown
Interviewer(s): Dan O'Neill
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Coming to Fairbanks

2) Living a hybrid lifestyle, balancing chosen aspects of bush and town "worlds,"  and unfinished business in the Yukon-Charley Rivers area

3) Fish camp and fish processing

4) Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA), and the future of the subsistence lifestyle

5) Whether the "killing off" of subsistence is intentional or unintentional by the National Park Service

6) National Park Service's goals in terms of preserving values in Alaska national parks

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Section 1: Fairbanks\ Kallen-Brown, Karen\ fire fighting - BLM\ opportunities - town\ Brown, Randy\ University of Alaska Fairbanks\ bush living - values\ lifestyle - compromises\ children - opportunities\ Kallen-Brown, Jed - adjustment to town\ snaring - rabbits\ Kallen-Brown, Gabriel\ children - activities\ town living - schedules|

Section 2: bush living - economics\ lifestyle - compromises\ seasonal jobs - advantages\ seasonal lifestyle\ government agencies - regulations\ Doyon Corporation - land ownership\ cabin permits - stipulations\ cabins - Indian Grave Creek\ cabins - Kandik River\ cabins - Rock Creek\ fish camp - NPS rules\ state trapping permits\ National Park Service - 30-day permits\ fish camp - caches\ government agencies - inflexibility\ National Park Service - subsistence policy|

Section 3: fishing - salmon\ fishing - subsistence\ fish camp - Kandik\ fish processing - methods\ fish distribution\ fish - sharing\ salmon runs\ National Park Service - fish camp policies\ Evans, Dave\ National Park Service - trapping policy\ 30-day subsistence permits - NPS\ permit policy - inconsistencies\ ANILCA - subsistence activities\ Brown, Bill\ Brown, Randy\ Yukon-Charley - administrative inconsistency\ government agencies - harassment|

Section 4: river people - attrition\ cabin permits\ subsistence - perpetuation\ ANILCA\ National Park Service - philosophy\ conservation ethic\ National Park Service - goals\ subsistence permits\ regulations - inflexibility\ National Park Service - inefficiency\ comment periods - notification\ local hire - NPS\ Yukon-Charley - jobs\ local knowledge - lack of\ National Park Service - misinformation\ Eagle - fire crew\ fire fighting - BLM|

Section 5: National Park Service - dual mandate\ preservation - natural values\ visitor promotion - NPS\ National Park Service - policy\ Yukon-Charley - visitor promotion\ wilderness versus access\ handicapped people - wilderness experience\ wilderness experience - necessity of\ National Park Service - attitudes towards river people\ river people - attitudes\ National Park Service - misinformation to visitors\ visitors - visiting park residents\ homebrew\ river people - stereotypes\ bureaucracy - impersonal\ bureaucracy - inertia|

Section 6: National Park Service - philosophy\ culture - changing\ preservation - status quo\ preservation versus visitor promotion\ Yellowstone National Park\ Yosemite National Park\ Yukon-Charley - goals\ river people - NPS "set ups"\ river people - fear of NPS\ bureaucracy - fragmentation of vision\ birch-bark canoes - story\ permits - intent|