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Ross Brockman

Ross Brockman was a long time Wiseman resident who passed away in 1992. Ross was an avid fiddler, writer, and gardener. He made this recording by himself in January of 1979. On tape he tells stories about Wiseman, reflects upon his youth, and sings several songs, including one accompanied by the plaintiff wail of a carpenter's saw.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 93-15-00

Project: Gates of the Arctic National Park
Date of Interview: Jan 29, 1979
Narrator(s): Ross Brockman
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) A trip to California

2) Ross Brockman sings some songs

3) Childhood memories of soldiers

4) A bear story

5) Some more songs and an astronomy lesson

6) Memories of Nevada

7) Pipeline memories

8) Wiseman countryside memories

9) More songs

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Section 1: introduction -- January 29, 1979\ Sonora, CA -- trip\ prospecting\ mountains\ "The Great Mother Load"\ mill\ victrola record|

Section 2: song -- miner-gold\ Brockman, Ross -- self description\ mail days\ song -- Good Old Summer Time|

Section 3: civil war -- stories\ childhood neighbors\ squirrel hunting\ spring\ Ward, Mr. -- coal mines\ Haines, Mr.\ radio -- news\ Spanish-American Veterans|

Section 4: bear\ Eskimos\ sled dogs\ bush -- travel route\ hunting\ black bear\ Arctic John\ bear -- run over Arctic John\ song -- Until We Meet Again\ carpenter saw -- accompaniment|

Section 5: song\ dance tunes -- 1941\ stars\ North Star Polaris\ Latitude -- 67 degrees 37 minutes\ Big Dipper\ star book -- 1935|

Section 6: homestead -- Nevada\ school teacher\ country school\ song -- Home On the Range\ ranch\ Humbolt River Valley\ Battle Mountain, Nevada\ railroad|

Section 7: pipeline\ biologist\ Anchorage\ Cavers' Club\ cave\ notes\ cabin -- description\ wilderness\ Wiseman\ mining\ travelers\ Eskimo man\ wolves -- search for\ airplane -- hunting\ Midnight Sun\ manuscript -- reading of\ mountains -- description|

Section 8: song\ gold -- search for\ song -- yodeling\ mountains\ canyons\ ram\ sheep\ cave\ canyon floor\ sheep -- trails\ ice\ trees\ cliffs\ countryside -- description\ cave -- description\ flowers|

Section 9: song -- mountains\ radio\ song -- bucket\ school years\ song\ fiddle -- mail order\ Fort Braggs, North Carolina\ song -- Maggie|