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Joe Vogler
Joe Vogler

Joe Vogler was interviewed on March 29, 1991 by Margaret Van Cleve at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This interview was made as a part of the "On the Road" series, sponsored by British Petroleum, and in it Joe talks about his life in Alaska and the interests which led to the formation of the Alaska Independence Party. Near the end of the interview (Section 17), Joe discusses his experiences with the National Park Service at his mining claims at Woodchopper Creek, so, with his permission, it has been included in the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Project Jukebox.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 91-18

Project: Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve
Date of Interview: Mar 29, 1991
Narrator(s): Joe Vogler
Interviewer(s): Margaret Van Cleve
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) His opinions on the U.S. entrance to World War II and some of the other reasons he came to Alaska

2) What Alaska was like during the World War II years

3) Eva McGowan and Fairbanks of the 1940's

4) More about Fairbanks of the 1940's, employment, and communications

5) His time in Kodiak and the war years

6) The Alaska Highway in the early years

7) Fairbanks of the 1940's

8) Changes he has seen in Alaska since he came here

9) His "land to the people" theme

10) Why he believes Alaska's physical separation from the rest of the country has helped the U.S. government to treat the state as a colony

11) His views on America, how America now lacks self-reliance, pride and opportunities, and some criticisms of environmentalists

12) The "Alaska tea party" and "Outside" resource users

13) "Outside" fishing interests, statehood, and Alaska pipeline development

14) Why he has supported Alaskan independence

15) Alaska's land and resources, and more on independence from the U.S.

16) How he believes Alaska came into the Union with fewer rights than other states

17) His experience with the National Park Service at Woodchopper Creek

18) Why he considers himself an Alaskan rather than an American

19) The moral decay of America

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Section 1: Alaska - attributes\ Vogler, Joe\ World War II\ Pearl Harbor\ Roosevelt, Franklin|

Section 2: Federal Land Office\ World War II\ Russian Pilots\ Weeks Field\ World War II - airplane ferrying\ Burke, Bill|

Section 3: McGowan, Eva\ Fairbanks - 1940's\ World War II - airplane ferrying\ Nordale Hotel\ Model Cafe\ N.C. Garage\ Ladd Field\ Carlyle, Harvey\ Shenk, Evelyn\ Wyler, Fred|

Section 4: Fairbanks - 1940's\ jobs - 1940's\ communications - 1940's|

Section 5: Kodiak - 1940's\ World War II|

Section 6: Alaska Highway - 1940's\ Alaska Highway - story|

Section 7: Fairbanks - 1940's\ "the line"|

Section 8: Vogler, Joe\ Alaska - Federal government policy towards\ federal agencies - lands\ Alaska - constitution\ state lands\ resources - development\ homesteads - saying\ Rampart Dam\ Arctic National Wildlife Refuge\ ANILCA\ oil - export|

Section 9: property taxes\ income taxes\ state lands\ federal agencies - lands\ Alaska - constitution\ Native corporations - lands\ lands - selection\ resources - development|

Section 10: federal government - lands\ Alaska - constitution\ Alaska - federal government policy towards\ federal courts\ Federal Register|

Section 11: private lands\ wetlands\ Alaska - federal government policy towards\ Rampart Dam\ Gruening, Ernest\ environmental groups\ land - use|

Section 12: Cordova - protest, 1911\ protest - coal\ Katalla coal fields\ fur seals\ salmon traps\ fishing - commercial\ "outside interests"|

Section 13: fishing - commercial\ "outside interests"\ fish traps\ fishing - canneries\ Alaska - statehood\ Alaska - military\ pipeline - oil\ resources - development|

Section 14: United Nations\ Alaska Independence Party\ Alaska - independence\ Alaska - federal government policy towards\ U.S. colonialism\ Hickel, Walter\ oil - export\ Jones Act\ reindeer\ Loman brothers\ Bureau of Indian Affairs|

Section 15: lands - uses\ resources - development\ jobs\ Alaska - federal government policy towards\ United Nations|

Section 16: Alaska - federal government policy towards\ Alaska - military\ Eisenhower, Dwight\ U.S. President - powers over Alaska\ Irwin, Sam\ U.S. - colonialism|

Section 17: RS24-77\ permits - controversy\ regulations - conflicts\ Vogler, Joe - Woodchopper\ mining - Woodchopper\ RS24-77\ National Park Service - lawsuits\ access - roads\ Hutchinson, Dick - Circle Hot Springs\ Eagle\ Wheeler, Kevin\ Howe, John\ Ritter, John\ National Park Service - stories told about|

Section 18: Vogler, Joe\ federal courts\ mining - access\ mining - Woodchopper\ wetlands\ Alaska - federal policy towards\ resources - development\ jobs|

Section 19: Toynbee, Arnold\ U.S. - decline|