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Bob Belous, Part 2
Bob Belous

This is the continuation of an interview with Bob Belous on October 9, 1991 by William Schneider and Dan O'Neill in Vail, Colorado where he was attending the 75th anniversary meeting of the National Park Service. In this second part of a two part interview, Bob continues to talk about the establishment of new national parks in Alaska after passage of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) in 1980 and development of subsistence policies in Alaska national parks. He speaks with precise logic and reason but also with concern and care for how the policy has been received and how it might be fine tuned to the conditions as they exist today. Bob also asks that listeners take care not to reference his remarks out of context since the issue is so very complex.

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Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 91-22-24

Project: Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve
Date of Interview: Oct 9, 1991
Narrator(s): Bob Belous
Interviewer(s): Dan O'Neill, Bill Schneider
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Development of subsistence policy for national parks in Alaska

2) Stell Newman's contributions to park service subsistence policy

3) Three tiered approach to the development and application of subsistence policy and, especially, the third tier of that approach

4) The D-2 land studies period, trips, and contacts

5) Trips to Washington, D.C.

6) An assessment of his eleven years in Alaska

7) His wishes regarding how information from these interviews should be used

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Section 1: subsistence - regional differences\ subsistence - recommendations\ Alaska Task Force\ Belous, Bob\ Newman, Stell\ public lands - national significance\ National Park Service - history in Alaska\ regulations - revisions|

Section 2: Newman, Stell\ Chukchi-Imuruk - Bering Land Bridge\ Alaska Task Force\ Bendeleben Mountains\ D-2 - studies\ Shishmaref - subsistence\ subsistence - recommendations\ hunting - sport\ hunting - subsistence\ villages - level of technology\ subsistence - Native\ subsistence - aircraft use\ regulations - subsistence\ Belous, Bob\ Bradley, Zorro\ Bane, Ray\ Alaska Board of Game|

Section 3: subsistence resources - scarcity\ Newman, Stell\ Belous, Bob\ National Park Service - subsistence policy\ villages - economic variables\ subsistence - economic variables\ subsistence users - sliding scale\ subsistence - aircraft use\ subsistence - access inequities\ subsistence - snowmachines\ subsistence - ATVs\ Anaktuvuk Pass - subsistence\ travel - level of technology\ ATVs - impact\ environmental degradation - ATVs|

Section 4: Department of Interior - visits\ legislators - visits\ Seiberling Committee\ natural resources - sensitivity\ Udall, Morris\ places - cultural resources\ preservation - habitat\ subsistence resources - scarcity|

Section 5: Andrus, Cecil\ subsistence - legislators' understanding of\ Crandall, Harry\ Kuuvangmiit study\ National Park Service - subsistence studies\ National Park Service - credibility\ Alaska Task Force\ National Park Service - cultural preservation mandate|

Section 6: Alaska - attributes\ subsistence - subtleties\ federal agencies - political changes\ federal agencies - inconsistency in management|

Section 7: historical moment - sense of\ subsistence - legislation|