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Steve Ulvi, Part 2
Steve Ulvi

This is the continuation of an interview with Steve Ulvi on April 9, 1991 by Dan O'Neill in the audio studio at Elmer E. Rasmuson Library on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Fairbanks, Alaska. In this second part of a two part interview, Steve continues to talk about living a subsistence-based lifestyle in a remote cabin in the area that was to become Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. He talks more about the way of life, using dog teams for winter transportation and canoes in the summer, the role of women in maintaining their lifestyle, the sense of commuity among other people on the river, and how conflicts were or were not resolved. He also discusses the effect of the Preserve's creation on the "river people" and the balance of local lifestyles with resource protection.

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1) Dog teams and present day dog team technology

2) Involvement in the Dawson Memorial Mail Run Dog Race

3) Getting smaller, faster dogs

4) Trapping around Boundary, Alaska

5) Trapping adventures in 1979

6) Going down to Fourth of July Creek to buy out Charlie Edwards

7) Going out to the North Fork Forty-mile country and cabin locations

8) Fourth of July Creek location and traplines on a map

9) Traplines - day lines and lines that involved tent camping or line cabins

10) Summer travel and lining canoes on the Yukon River

11) Lining canoes up and sometimes down the Yukon River from their cabin, and why they called their place "Windy Corner"

12) Sense of community among people along the river, and how river people seemed to settle a certain distance apart

13) The way disputes were worked out or expressed, how the social balance was affected by the creation of the park, and the changes in family makeup

14) How women held down the home fronts

15) Women's roles and lifestyles along the river in the Yukon-Charley Rivers area

16) Relationships along the rivers and resolution of conflict

17) "Miner meetings" during the gold rush as opposed to a lack of interest in group decision-making

18) Effect the designation of the park areas and a growing government presence had on the "river people's" lifestyle

19) Whether Yukon-Charley Rivers area needed to be a park

20) Viewpoint of a river person who might deny the necessity of a park and its long term benefits

21) The situation where there are no people living on or using public lands

22) Whether or not the loss to local users is balanced by protection from abusive developers

23) Potential interviewees for the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve oral history project

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Section 1: dog teams\ Ulvi, Steve\ Roberts, Lynette\ dog teams - technology\ dogs - breeding\ dogs - sleds\ winter travel - dog teams\ winter travel - traditional knowledge\ dogs - nutrition\ summer travel - lining canoes with dogs\ Bane, Ray\ Ulvi, Dana\ hunting - dog use\ dogs - malemutes\ Burggaf, Roger\ McMullen, Terry\ Edwards, Charlie\ Cook, Dick\ Keyes, Dan\ trapping - dog use\ dog mushing - story\ river people - values\ dogs - fights\ old timers - attitudes|

Section 2: Dawson City\ Percy DeWolfe Dog Race\ Dawson Memorial Mail Run\ dog racing\ Snow, Brad\ Potts, Mike\ Goebel, Bill\ Ulvi, Dana\ river people - Canadians\ Moosehide\ dogs - fights\ dog racing|

Section 3: dog teams\ dogs - breeding\ river people - values\ dogs - aggressive\ river people - Canadians\ dogs - packing|

Section 4: Paul, Tony\ trapping\ Boundary Creek\ winter travel - overflow\ tent camping\ trapping - marten\ bush living - clothing\ trapping - lynx\ trapping - wolverine\ Boundary Creek - wildlife population|

Section 5: Potts, Mike\ Champion Creek\ North Fork Fortymile\ Bear Creek\ cabins - construction\ bush living - air drops\ radio programs\ ANILCA\ travel - air\ Mission Creek\ trapping|

Section 6: Edwards, Charlie\ trapping - Fourth of July Creek\ traplines - selling\ Ulvi, Dana\ Crowley Creek Cabin\ Windy Corner Cabin|

Section 7: heads up\ Slate Creek\ Mount Oregon\ Bear Creek\ Champion Creek\ Ulvi, Dana\ Potts, Mike\ Ulvi, Steve\ Kennedy, John\ Tatangelo, Jeanne|

Section 8: trapping\ Fourth of July Creek\ Nation River\ Cabins - Crowley Creek\ trapping - dogs\ Ulvi, Dana\ Ulvi, Steve\ trapping - marten\ Butte Creek Burn - 1969\ Charley River\ fires - effect on trapping\ "edge effect" - trapping\ rodent populations\ trapping - fur buyers\ trapping - Fortymile count\ trapping - dog use\ lifestyles - subsistence\ lifestyle - trapping\ traplines - daily routine\ trapping - trail construction|

Section 9: traplines - daily routine\ Ulvi, Dana\ Ulvi, Steve\ trapping - snowmachine\ trapping - Fourth of July|

Section 10: summer travel - lining canoes\ river people - purism\ Kandik River\ river people - values\ bush living - transportation\ "grumman club"\ canoes - technology\ Yukon River - travel\ Yukon River - eddies\ river travel - poling\ Yukon River - living\ bush living - break-up\ bush living - freeze-up\ dogs - lining canoes\ values - physical challenge\ lifestyles - subsistence|

Section 11: Windy Corner Cabin\ summer travel - lining canoes\ river people - values\ bush living - daily routine\ lifestyle - subsistence\ wage work\ bush living - children\ hunting - moose|

Section 12: bush living - sense of community\ river people - Canadians\ river people - values\ Yukon River - settlement\ regulations - Canadian\ Sager, Mike\ Sager, Elizabeth\ Roberts, Jared\ Kandik River - settlement\ land - intangible values\ river people - music\ Eagle\ Eagle Village\ Evans, Dave\ Patton, Sage\ Cook, Dick\ Edwards, Charlie\ Edwards, Cher\ Gerberding, Tim\ Bouton, James\ Lodder, John\ Beaudet, Gaetan\ Dawson City\ Percy DeWolfe Dog Race\ bush living - solstice parties|

Section 13: Yukon-Charley - impact\ river people - disputes\ trapping - disputes\ river people - visiting\ bush living - sense of community\ river people - territorial\ hunting\ Waller's cabin\ river people - bachelors\ river people - attitudes towards other groups\ Seventymile River - story\ cabins - notes for visitors|

Section 14: river people - visiting\ dog racing|

Section 15: river people - women\ bush living - visiting\ Patton, Sage\ dog teams\ bush living - children\ winter travel - families\ radio - reception\ radio - communications\ bush living - isolation\ bush living - relationships\ summer travel - families\ river people - gender roles\ river people - bachelors\ river people - attrition|

Section 16: bush living - sense of community\ bush living - gossip\ river people - disputes\ land ownership\ Yukon-Charley - impact\ radio - communications\ radio - ham\ bush living - trading\ river people - values\ river people - territorial|

Section 17: river people\ gold miners - disputes\ river people - goals\ gold rush\ river people - values\ Beach, Fred - story\ river people - disputes|

Section 18: BLM\ government - authority\ regulations - enforcement\ Yukon-Charley - impact\ cabins - permits\ public lands - trespass\ National Park Service - policy\ National Park Service - stories told about\ river people - attrition\ Snow, Brad\ Taylor Highway - story about cabin burnings\ Goebel, Bill\ Brown, Randy\ Kallen-Brown, Karen\ Ulvi, Steve\ Yukon river - settlement|

Section 19: National Park Service - goals\ Yukon-Charley - goals\ resources - development\ land use - wilderness\ Yukon-Charley - visitors\ preservation - environment\ lifestyle - subsistence\ Yukon-Charley - impact\ private land - settlement|

Section 20: public lands - settlements\ state lands - settlement\ Cook, Dick\ river people - attrition\ Coal Creek - historic preservation\ National Park Service - concept of history\ mining - gold rush\ National Park Service - seasonal employees\ National Park Service - attitudes towards\ Mihalic, Dave\ National Park Service - goals\ National Park Service - bureaucracy\ river people - attrition\ subsistence - perpetuation\ subsistence - non-Native\ subsistence - Native\ National Park Service - visitors|

Section 21: ANILCA\ cultural resources - preservation\ fishing - subsistence\ public lands - settlement\ river people - attrition\ regulations - enforcement\ Yukon-Charley - goals\ Yukon-Charley - Natives\ lifestyles - subsistence\ cabins - permits\ National Park Service - philosophy\ James, Vince\ Yukon-Charley - impact|

Section 22: resources - development\ Yukon-Charley - visitors\ private lands - development\ mining - exploration\ ARCO\ mining - Nation River\ access - resource development\ pipelines - potential\ Fortymile - asbestos\ environment - preservation\ oil - Black River\ asbestos - Slate Creek\ Native Corporations - access\ ANILCA\ federal lands - legislation\ preservation - cultural values\ preservation - aesthetics\ "mythic frontier"|

Section 23: Kidd, Charlie\ Charley River\ cabins - MacGregor, George\ Coal Creek - dredge\ Evans, Dave\ Patton, Sage\ Phonograph Nelson\ historic preservation\ Brown, Bill\ Brown, Randy\ Gaudio, Little John\ Kallen-Brown, Karen\ Doyon Corporation\ Cook, Dick\ Tatonduk River\ 14-C lands\ McMullen, Terry\ Seventymile River - settlement\ Bergeraff, Roger\ Potts, Mike\ Juneby, Adeline\ Edwards, Charlie\ Edwards, Cher\ river people - values\ Straub, Bill\ Straub, Fronzie\ fishing - commercial\ Waller, Louise\ Able, Seymour\ Sager, Mike\ Austin, Jeff\ Boone, Jack\ Boone, Jean\ Eagle Action Together\ ANILCA - protests\ National Park Service - attitude towards|