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Angeline Derendoff, Part 2

This is the continuation of an interview with Angeline Derendoff on July 23, 1992 by Wendy Arundale in Huslia, Alaska. This is a continuation of tape number Oral History 93-15-32. In this second part of a two part interview, Angeline talks about her wedding to Richard Derendoff nearly fifty years ago and the group wedding held on August 8 when the Episcopal Bishop, Bishop Bentley, married her and Richard, Edith and Fred Bifelt, and Laura and Peter Mark in a group ceremony at Fred's home in Cutoff.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 93-15-33

Project: Gates of the Arctic National Park
Date of Interview: Jul 23, 1992
Narrator(s): Angeline Derendoff
Interviewer(s): Wendy Arundale
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) How she and Richard got married

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Section 1: Bentley, Bishop -- pressured people, saying that anybody together had to get married or break up\ mother -- she wasn't decided about the marriage either\ Derendoff, Richard -- willing to marry\ father -- asked if I was going to break promise\ couples -- three got married at once\ Bifelt, Fred -- ceremony at his house\ Cutoff\ Derendoff, Angeline and Richard\ Bifelt, Fred and Edith\ Mark, Laura and Peter\ ceremony -- got married, August 8; repeated words they didn't understand\ decision -- too fast; forty-nine years ago\ Bentley, Bishop -- married them\ marriage license\ hard times -- crippled, yet started a family|