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Bill and Lill Fickus, Part 5

This is the continuation of an interview with Bill and Lill Fickus by Dan O'Neill and Steve Ulvi on September 26, 1994 in the Fickus’ home in Crevice Creek, Alaska. In this, part five of the five part interview, they talk about rescues, people they have met through the years of living at Crevice Creek, use of dogs, hunting, and raising their family at Crevice Creek. This is a continuation from tape numbers Oral History 93-15-63, 93-15-64, 93-15-65, 93-15-66.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 93-15-67

Project: Gates of the Arctic National Park
Date of Interview: Sep 26, 1994
Narrator(s): Bill Fickus, Lill Fickus
Interviewer(s): Dan O'Neill, Steve Ulvi
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Continuation of a bear rescue story

2) People the Fickus have met through the years at Crevice Creek

3) Use of dogs in packing

4) Description of Lill's brother who was a good hunter and stories of tame caribou

5) The girls involvement in pageants and description of Crevice Creek area

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Section 1: bears -- rocks thrown at\ Fickus, Bill -- fall over\ helicopter pilot -- day pack spotted|

Section 2: park -- less skiers\ Wiseman\ Anaktuvuk Pass\ Bettles\ endurance ski/hike race\ Coldfoot Classic Race\ trail -- break\ Willingski, Chris\ dog mushing\ Smith, Cowboy\ Barve, Lavon\ Mackey, Bill and Rick\ Runyan, Joe\ Butcher, Susan\ ice -- break through\ check points\ Boulding, Charlie\ Wiseman\ Ulen, Tishu\ Herrmann, Sepp\ Kit, Burney|

Section 3: Fickus, Bill -- pack dogs on sheep hunts\ dogs -- learn to handle packs\ meat -- dry\ dogs -- sizes\ dogs -- signals\ dog -- temperament\ Sixtymile trapline\ equipment\ trail -- break\ Missouri Creek\ John River\ Three Time Mountain\ Button Mountain\ Fickus, Bill -- accident\ beaver dam\ river -- break through\ boats\ Bull Run\ caribou\ toboggan\ lynx\ snowshoes\ lynx -- not cut up|

Section 4: Fickus, Lill -- brother\ hunting\ trapping\ meat\ live trap\ caribou\ caribou -- frozen\ Sam -- Lill's brother\ caribou -- skinning\ skinning -- fast\ caribou spring bull -- tame\ rolled oats\ caribou -- died\ dart guns\ Kanuti Pass\ Hickel Highway -- before\ Dall Creek\ caribou -- thrashing\ airplane\ Bettles\ Phillips Field\ airplane -- loading caribou onto|

Section 5: Fickus, Debbie -- Miss USA contest\ friend -- support\ Fickus, Linda\ flowers\ Miss Teen USA Pageant\ pageant -- questions at\ summer -- temperatures\ igloos\ glacier\ glaciers -- melting\ Roady, Dan -- cabin\ craters\ gravel berms\ Summit Lakes\ mares\ Hughes -- earthquake\ mining|