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Bill and Lill Fickus, Part 3

This is the continuation of an interview with Bill and Lill Fickus by Dan O'Neill and Steve Ulvi on September 26, 1994 in the Fickus' home in Crevice Creek, Alaska. In this, part three of the five part interview, they talk about raising their children at Crevice Creek, Bill's hunting stories, and their thoughts on  the establishment of Gates of the Arctic National Park. This is a continuation from tape numbers Oral History 93-15-63 and 93-15-64, and the interview continues on tape numbers Oral History 93-15-66 and 93-15-67.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 93-15-65

Project: Gates of the Arctic National Park
Date of Interview: Sep 26, 1994
Narrator(s): Bill Fickus, Lill Fickus
Interviewer(s): Dan O'Neill, Steve Ulvi
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) The lack of TV and effects this had on their children

2) The responsibility the Fickus children had growing up away from near by neighbors.

3) Wolf hunting and the story of Bill Hutchinson's accident

4) Spring wolf hunting

5) Big attraction of wolf hunting

6) Bill Fickus' guiding area

7) Park formation

8) Park restrictions

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Section 1: children -- didn't grow up with TV\ VCR\ music\ tape recorder\ Service, Robert\ Johnson, Bill\ satellite dish\ TV -- don't miss it\ news\ KUAC -- friends for Lill\ Discovery Channel\ children -- reading\ survival courses\ first aid\ books -- how get\ library\ magazine -- subscriptions\ Readers Digest Book Club\ Huslia\ Dewilder, Ricco\ year book -- correspondence kids\ pen pals\ Boones -- Eagle\ Fickus, Debbie -- law school\ Fickus, Debbie -- Fairbanks Police\ Fickus, Debbie -- paralegal secretary\ Ferguson, Jack|

Section 2: Almonds Family\ Wiseman\ Bettles\ Fairbanks -- go once a year\ high school -- Fairbanks\ elementary school -- correspondence\ trapline\ mining -- summers\ children -- free reign\ children -- responsibility\ guns\ pocket knives\ camping\ caribou -- shooting\ guns -- responsibility\ children -- traplines\ children -- stay in yard\ trees -- cutting|

Section 3: Bettles\ Wiseman\ aerial wolf hunting\ Hutchinson, Bill\ Alatna\ Allakaket\ Anchorage\ guides -- contracts\ hunt -- in one place\ caribou\ wolves\ runway maintenance\ Umiat\ Anaktuvuk\ Hutchinson, Bill -- airplane crash\ airplane -- remains\ Brooks Range\ weather\ airplane -- mechanical failure\ ELT|

Section 4: wolf hunting -- illegal\ springtime\ Bettles\ bounty\ Forty -- neighbor\ bounty -- bone\ bounty -- $50\ wolf hide -- $75-$100\ guiding -- aerial hunting\ permit -- 10 wolf\ permit -- 2 wolf\ Kanuti area\ Fickus, Bill -- never aerial hunt\ Hutchinson, Bill\ wolf -- skinning|

Section 5: Hutchinson, Bill -- tanning\ Hutchinson, Bill -- death\ taxidermy\ bounty\ wolf -- challenge to get\ North Slope\ guides\ moose population\ Reakoff, Rick\ Gatahee, Burn\ Roady, Dan\ John River\ North Fork\ joint use area\ moose -- hunting\ Finck, Chip\ Fish and Game\ Coldfoot\ meat -- frozen\ sheep\ meat -- surplus\ Fickus, Bill -- guiding 1967\ John River\ Mary, Pete\ Summit Lake\ Loeschy, Ray\ Chandalar Lake\ Bunnell, Bill\ guides -- permanent\ Wall, Hal\ sport hunting|

Section 6: Hunt's Fork\ Till Creek\ Ninemile Creek\ North Fork\ Glacier\ Ernie Creek\ Alatna\ Wall, Hal\ Fickus, Bill -- not a production hunter\ Obiss, Frank\ Heidelberg\ Haul Road\ park -- no guide hunting\ subsistence hunting -- allowed\ Loon Pond\ John River|

Section 7: Bane, Ray\ traplines\ Pet Lake\ Allen\ Bane, Ray -- never disclosed why interviewing\ Bettles\ public meetings\ Ring, Dick\ park -- controversy\ Withrow, Al\ Evansville\ Bettles Field\ permit -- hunt in park\ resident zone\ Nolan Creek\ eligibility of subsistence\ Brooks Range\ resource locations|

Section 8: park -- not well liked\ park -- changed things\ restrictions\ winter supplies\ park -- against|