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Michael Andrew, Jr.

Michael Andrew, Jr. was interviewed on September 11, 2002 by Don Callaway and Bill Schneider in Igiugig, Alaska. In this interview, Michael shares his memories of the introduction of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) and snowmachines and how they became the main form of transportation for accessing subsistence resources. He talks about impacts to the land and changes in seasonal hunting activities. He also discusses climate change, changes in wildlife populations, and how the community and local economy has changed during his lifetime. Finally, Michael talks about the trail system and documents trails on a map.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2002-26-03

Project: Katmai National Park
Date of Interview: Sep 11, 2002
Narrator(s): Michael Andrew, Jr.
Interviewer(s): Bill Schneider, Don Callaway
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) The arrival of All Terrain Vehicle's (ATV) in the area

2) All Terrain Vehicles used in subsistence activities

3) History of different types of ATV's

4) Traveling with ATV's and snowmachines and effects of climate change

5) Change in winter temperatures and amount of snowfall

6) Ways ATV's are used in Igiugig and his seasonal hunting activities

7) Hunting and fishing with ATV's

8) Impact of ATV's

9) Changes in subsistence activities

10) Trapping and fish population decline

11) Changes in the community and economy

12) Community size and economy

13) Change in animal populations and the importance of ATV's to the local lifestyle

14) The importance of trails

15) Documenting trails on a map.

16) Continues documenting trails on a map

17) Project Jukebox being accessible on the Internet, and climate change

18) The balance between tourism, economic opportunity and subsistence

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Section 1: ATV -- first\ ATV -- types\ kids driving\ transportation\ 3-wheeler\ 4-wheeler\ Honda\ travel -- destinations\ winter\ Coffee Lake\ berry patch\ Rocky Point\ trail -- beach\ Muskrat Lake\ swamp\ freeze-up\ Kukaklek Lake|

Section 2: Honda\ trailers\ meat -- haul\ dog teams -- end of\ parents\ transportation\ dog teams -- advantages\ ATV -- advantages\ money\ fishing -- commercial|

Section 3: ATV -- types\ 3-wheeler\ 4-wheeler\ Honda\ 4-wheeler -- advantages\ haul -- amount of\ stability\ terrain -- effect of\ freeze-up\ lakes\ swamps\ hills|

Section 4: freeze-up\ travel\ ATV -- access\ ridges\ hunting -- caribou\ hunting -- moose\ ATV\ winter\ snow -- lack of\ snowmachine\ snow -- amount of\ wind -- effect of\ ground -- frozen\ ATV -- use of|

Section 5: snow -- lack of\ change -- snow\ winter\ Kokhanok\ Levelock\ wind\ childhood\ snow -- amount of\ change -- temperature\ snowmachine\ change -- winter|

Section 6: beach\ subsistence\ trailer\ fish\ transportation\ 4-wheeler\ seasonal round\ hunting -- caribou\ caribou -- population decline\ hunting -- moose\ winter\ hunting -- competition|

Section 7: hunting -- moose\ hunting -- long ago\ dog teams\ ATV\ fishing\ travel\ fishing -- location\ Big Mountain\ fish -- salmon\ fishing -- season\ Branch River\ fish -- red salmon\ Alagnak River\ fishing -- ice\ fish -- whitefish|

Section 8: impact -- amount of\ traul -- ATV\ trail -- main\ trail -- winter\ Kukaklek Lake\ Nonvianuk Lake\ Kokhanok\ terrain\ trail -- conditions\ swamp\ freeze-up\ Big Mountain\ ATV use -- summer\ ground -- frozen\ Pecks Creek\ trail -- Kukaklek Lake\ trail -- scars|

Section 9: subsistence\ tourism\ hunting -- pressures\ caribou -- population decline\ caribou -- location\ hunting -- competition\ outfitters\ corporation -- land use policies\ hunting -- moose\ hunting -- regulations\ moose -- number of|

Section 10: trapping\ fur -- price\ price -- effects of\ wolf\ change -- fish\ salmon -- population decline\ subsistence\ fish -- number needed\ regulation -- self-regulation\ sharing|

Section 11: change -- economic\ Bed and Breakfast\ employment\ tourism\ business\ community -- economic development\ subsistence\ tourism -- dependence\ fishing -- commercial\ economy -- diversify|

Section 12: community -- size\ sustainability\ school\ economy\ economy -- diversify\ construction\ fishing -- commercial\ tourism\ economic opportunity\ Bed and Breakfast|

Section 13: change -- animals\ fish -- whitefish\ moose -- population decline\ animals -- population decline\ bears\ wolves\ bear -- number of\ Kukaklek Lake\ Nonvianuk Lake\ National Park Service\ ATV -- main transportation\ way of life\ ATV use -- Park lands\ trails\ trail -- winter\ trail -- single|

Section 14: trail -- traditional \ Kukaklek Lake\ trail -- dog team\ trail -- marked\ trail -- ATV\ trail -- width\ trails -- villages|

Section 15: Kukaklek Lake\ swamp\ trail -- winter\ Pecks Creek\ trail -- beach\ Rocky Point\ Big Mountain\ Belinda Creek\ Kukaklek\ Nonvianak Lake\ fish camp\ Battle Lake\ Morraine Creek\ caribou\ moose\ fish camp -- location\Alagnak River\ boat -- jetboat\ old village -- location|

Section 16: trail -- winter\ trail -- summer\ trail -- Kokhanok\ Park\ ATV\ cabin\ Grant's Lagoon\ bluffs\ Kaskanak Creek\ 4-wheeler\ trail -- spring\ trail -- ridge\ river -- cross\ boat\ trail -- Newhalen\ ATV -- floatation\ water -- depth|

Section 17: Internet\ Project Jukebox\ change -- temperature\ winter\ change -- snow depth\ wind -- east\ rain\ change -- lake\ change -- environment|

Section 18: lodges\ corporation -- land policies\ resources -- management of\ sustainability\ revenue\ subsistence\ tourism\ fish -- rainbow trout\ resources -- balanced use\ fishing -- sport\ fishing -- numbers\ lifestyle -- balance\ village -- quality of life\ employment\ Igiugig\ future\ co-existence\ youth|