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Kotzebue Communities of Memory Reading Names

In this section of the Communities of Memory public storytelling event held at the NANA Museum in Kotzebue, Alaska from February 29 to March 2, 1996, Walter Sampson, Alfred Wells, Sr., Clarence Allen, Sr., and Raymond Coppock read the names of people from communities in the area who served in the military. This was done as a way to honor those who have served. When reviewing the recording in 2016, the local committee in Kotzebue felt that a number of names were left off the original list and requested that some be added. They also acknowledged that there are probably more names that were missed (and others that have served since this recognition done in 1996), and we apologize for any errors of this kind. In addition, since the names were read out loud, it was not always possible to find accurate spellings. We apologize for any errors, and are eager to make any corrections that anyone can provide to us.

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Archive #: Oral History 2015-25-01_PT.1

Project: Kotzebue Communities of Memory
Date of Interview: Feb 29, 1996
Narrator(s): Walter Sampson, Clarence "Talliq" Allen, Sr., Alfred Wells, Sr., Raymond Coppock
Transcriber: Leslie McCartney
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
Alaska Humanities Forum
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People from Kiana who served in the military

People from Noorvik who served in the military

People from Kotzebue who served in the military

People from Kivalina who served in the military

People from Candle who served in the military

People from Deering who served in the military

People from Haycock who served in the military

People from Selawik who served in the military

People from Noatak who served in the military

People from Shungnak who served in the military

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WALTER SAMPSON: At this time, what we're gonna do is it's gonna take a little time, however, it's part -- part of our representation for the -- for the folks that were involved in these wars.

What we're gonna do is we're gonna read some names from different communities so for those of you -- Alfred, Clarence -- memory --

Raymond, if you guys would come up please and -- each one of you go through your listing of reading those folks that were involved -- in -- in one of the conflicts.

So at this time, I'll ask you guys to come on up and -- and read the listing off your -- list there.

ALFRED WELLS: Good afternoon. When I heard about this I -- I told my wife, "I have to go to Kotzebue and be with the people that, you know -- I have so many things to say. Let me me stop right there and start reading on this.

Kiana, ATG. I didn't count how many these were, but anyway. Atoruk, Elwood -- Elwood Atoruk. Atoruk, Peter. I know he was Captain.

Harry Baldwin, Tom Baldwin,Tommy Baldwin, Arthur Barr, Andrew Black, Harding Black, Walter Blankenship,

Eloway Browner (sp?), Jack Kazonoff, Albert Commack, Harry Cook, Andy Garbean (sp?), Eugene Geffe, Richard Glover, Harold Gooden, Billy Hasway, Jimmy Hasway, Oscar Henry, Daniel Hunnicutt, Frank Jackson, Fred Jackson, Henry Jackson,

Isaac Jackson, Uulaq Jackson, Percy Jackson, Ray Jackson, Thomas Sheldon Jackson, Jacob Johnson, Bob Mulluk,

Lawrence Otto Schuerch, Donald Smith, Duffy Smith, John Smith, Albert Wise, Delbert Wells, Theodore Westlake, John B. Wright.

These -- these were the ATG soldiers. They were soldiers. It was during the war that we -- that we were asked to get all the men, young men, middle class men and old men even and all of them became soldiers except Katluurauq (Tebbits).

And on Noorvik ATG: Tommy Aqpak (sp?), John Beaver, John Black, Loren Black, Douglas Brown, Paul Brown, Isaac Coffin, Jacob Coffin, Johnny Coffin, Leslie Coffin, Levi Coffin, Tommy Coffin,

Joe Field, Daniel Foster, Peter Garfield, Harry George, Edward Gooden, George Kagoona, Johnny Nazuruk, Willy Nazuruk, Robert Newlin, he was a Sergeant,

Tommy Newlin, Paul Outwater, Robert Patterson, he was a Corporal, Jack Pungalik, Thomas Pungalik, Walter Pungalik, Charlie Reed, Sam Reed,

Walter Russell, Gail Sampson, Joe Sampson, Rex Sampson, was a Corporal, Stephen Sampson, was a Lieutenant, Albert Sheldon, Charlie Sheldon, Uukak, was a Lieutenant, Punak Sheldon, Tommy Sheldon, Fred Smith,

Frank Snell, Daniel Snyder, Tommy Snyder, Pakiq Tebbits, Tommy Tebbits,

Ralph Weeks, who was our teacher was a Captain while he was there, and Alfred Wells, I was a Lieutenant while Weeks was there, but after he left, I became a Captain.

James Wells, John D. Wright. And I put one more name in there, Jim Lane (Kuuchiiñuq). Thank you.

WALTER SAMPSON: Thanks, Alfred. Clarence.

CLARENCE ALLEN: Members that were in the ATG from Kotzebue: Dora Adams, Charlie Allen, Mable Berryman, Doc Bishop (sp?), Raphle Brown (sp?), Harold Brown,

Jack Burke (sp?), Delbert Carrie (sp?), Ray Coppock, Jerry Coppock, Arthur Cox, Cortes Courger (sp?), James Dunn, Ashel Flood (sp?),

Kenneth Flood, Dave Foster, Alfred Francis, Rosa Francis, Evan Gallahorn, Lester Gallahorn, Richard Gallahorn, Robert Gallahorn,

Billy Glover, Eva Glover, Kate Greene, Paul Greene, Andrew Greene, John Gregg, Laura Gregg, Henry Harris, Nereus Harris, Yayik Harris,

Andy Hardman (sp?), Daniel Henry, Nathan Henry, Billy H -- Billy William Henry, James Hensley, John Hensley, John Hensley, Jr., Pricilla Hensley, Dora Hess, Wilson Hess,

Abraham Howarth, Marlene Howarth, Edward Hunnicutt, Josie Hunnicutt, Gertrude Etuk (sp?), James -- Harold Jacobson,

Roy Kennedy, Jack Kenworthy (sp?), Paul Knox, Nate Kapuuruq (sp?), Joseph Fr -- Frank Lazarus, Tesuq Lazarus (sp?), Jessie Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Blanche Lincoln, Walter Lincoln,

Frank Long, Herbert McClellan, Lillian McClellan, Kenneth Mills, Ida Morris, Thomas Morris,

Joseph Nasuk (sp?), Bernard Nealy (sp?), Otto Nelson (sp?), Frank Norton, Putumai Norton (sp?),

Henry Panik, Alfred Quinn (sp?), Louis Reich, Norma Reich, Walter Reich, Eli Richards, Archie Riley, Isabelle Riley, John Riley,

Ilia Savok (sp?), John Schaeffer, Andy -- Andy Scott, Richard Scott, Genevieve Sheldon, Raven Sheldon, Clarence Smith, Burton Sours, Eugene Sours, Joshua Sours, John Stein,

Scotty Taylor, Edna Todhunter, Irene Todhunter, Calvin Washington, Donald Washington, George Washington, Laura Washington, Evelyn Weber, Henry Weber,

David White, Oliver White, David Williams, Francis Williams, Leslie Williams, Russell Williams,

Earl Wilson, Max Wilson, Richard Wilson, Woodrow Wilson, York Wilson, and Martha Woods. These are from Kotzebue.

From Kivalina: Caleb Adams, Cecil Baldwin, Norman Downey, Amos Hawley, Bob Hawley, Ernest Hawley, James Hawley, John Hawley, Wayne Hawley,

Charlie Jensen, Jack Jones, Thurston Jones, Archie Kennedy, Arthur Akoluk (sp?), Carlos Liebe (sp?), Wood -- Woodrow Wilson, Diane Norton, David Sage, Henry Sage, Jackie Sage, Joseph Sage, Lawrence Sage, Oscar Sage, Patrick Sage, Solomon Sage, Thomas Sage,

James Savok, Chester Sevick, Edmond Shy, Matthew Shy, Carl Stalker, Daniel Stalker, Edith Stalker, John Stalker,

Clinton Swan, Daniel -- Dennis Swan, Louis Swan (sp?), Milton Swan, Oscar Swan and Austin Thomas. These are from Kivalina.

Is that Taps -- (inaudible) In the Service, it tells us it's time to go to bed and you'll see in the U.S. Army (inaudible). Thank you.

RAYMOND COPPOCK: The -- the names that -- that I'm going to read off are from Candle, Deering and Haycock. It's been a pleasure for me to work with these people. I've spent the -- the better part of my life with -- with the Army Guards, an off shot of the -- the Territorial Guard.

Although most of these people gone, their memories are still with us, we have served with then forever.

From Candle: Andrew Anderson, Cleo Armstrong, Connell Armstrong, Frederick Armstrong, Willy Agrook (sp?), Benny Buck, Tommy Carter, Curt Everon (sp?), Frederick Everon (sp?), Hugh Echardt, Leo Ferriera, Joshua Fahrquar (sp?), Tina Fossberg (sp?), John Geary, George Gibson,

Ronald Gillis, Fletcher Gregg, Herbert Hadley, Joe Hadley, Louis Hadley, Paul Hadley, Riley Hadley, Louis Hennock (sp?), Gene Jack, John Korness (sp?),

Emery Lingreen (sp?), Russell McConnell, Jim Machina (sp?), Cecil Mitchell, Willy Mitchell, Rhea Mulhay (sp?),

Carl Oman (sp?), Dean Parrish, John Pearson, Shirley Phillips, Joe Punk,

Paul Ralph, Tim Richards, Myron Rahn (sp?), Frank Scott, James Sherman (sp?), Harlan Schivenpiper (sp?), John Soono (sp?), Tony Susook, Donald Swan, Edgar Swan,

Donald Thomas, David Thomas, Evans Thomas, Leslie Thomas, and George Thomas, Frank Thomas, George Washington, Frederick Winard (sp?), Otto Winard (sp?), Edward Wells, Tom Willock (sp?), Henry Zaviar.

From Deering: Ben Ed -- Aden (sp?), Gideon Barr, Gilford Barr, Jessie Barr, Isaiah Barr, Repluka Barr (sp?), Ronald Barr, Sam Barr, Walter Barr, Charles Clark, Elmer Davis, Lawrence Davis, Pete Davis, Robert Davis,

Gordon Demmick, Harold Demmick, John Douglas, Wheeler Douglas, Richard Escholtz, Howard Goodhope, Laben Iyatungak (sp?),

Edward Jones, Alfred Karmun, Daniel Karmun, Edward Karmun, Emerson Karmun, Evans Karmun, Stanley Kuzruk (sp?), Ralph Koonook, John Kerwalski (sp?),

Henry McLuke, Ray Mendenhall, Archie Morris, George Moto, Charlie Norton, Alfred Outwater, Elton Outwater, Clay Outwater,

Joshua Savok, Thomas See -- Seeatomona (sp?), George -- John Sheen, Ralph Swanson, John Taft, Elmer Thomas,

Marvin Thomas, Mickey Thomas, Jack Tiepelman, Fred Tiepelman, Leonard Vestal.

From Haycock: John Beltz, Tom Beltz, Frank Foster, Albert Hagberg (sp?), John Hagberg (sp?), John Hayberg (sp?), Arthur Johnson, Holger Jorgenson, Peter Cross, George Leonard,

Niles Lindstrom (sp?), Thomas Moon, Wallace Porter, William Porter, Carl Wylander (sp?), Edward Smith, and Jonathan Wynder (sp?).

WALTER SAMPSON: Thank you, Raymond. From Selawik: A. Ballot, Elmer Ballot, Harry K. Ballot, Harold Ballot, Isaac K. Ballot, Uglu Ballot (sp?), Oscar Ballot, Paul E. Ballot, Roscoe Ballot, Samuel Ballot, Walter Munick Ballot (sp?),

Calvin K. Barger, Herman K. Barger, Ernest W. Berry, Edgar Brown, John P. Brown, Willis Brown, Leslie Burnett, Mike Burnett,

Philip Carter, Robert Bob Clark, Virgil S. Clark, Andy Cleveland, Bob Cleveland, David E. Cleveland, Fred Cleveland, Harry Cleveland, Howard Cleveland,

Louis K. Commack, Ahknauluk Davis (sp?), Howard W. Foster, Jimmy Foster, Johnny Foster, William A. Foster,

Ben Foxglove, Henry Putuu Foxglove (sp?), Joe E. Foxglove, Roy Foxglove, David Goode, Luke Goode, Matt Goode, Sam E. Gooden, David Greist, Stephan Greist, Delbert Harrison,

Charles Harvey, Delbert Jackson, Johnny Jackson, Peter Jackson, Fred Jones, Jack Jones, Lawrence Jones.

From Noatak: David Adams, John Adams, Victor Adams, Whitlam Adams, Clarence Allen, Dwight Arnold, Enoch Ashby, Kenneth Ashby, Wilson Ashby,

Charles Bailey, Henry Bailey, Blaine Barger, Calvin Barger, Herman Barger, John Barger, Andrew Booth,

Elwood Booth, Ezra Booth, Frank Booth, Gene Booth, Ivan Booth, Jerry Booth, Milo Booth, Theodore Booth, Wendell Booth, Leonard Brown, Benjamin Bundy,

Evert Calhoun, Clement Downey, Harold Downey, Shiel Downey (sp?), Ektuun Driggs (sp?), Eric Driggs, Frederick Driggs, Terrance Driggs, Roger Farquhar, Lee Foster, Charlie Goodwin, Willie Goodwin, Henry Harris, Grover Howarth, Ned Howarth,

George Keats, Henry Koenig, Robert Lee, Carl Luther, Albert McClellan (sp?), Elmer Melton, George Melton, Wilbur Melton,

Kenneth Mills, Eli Mitchell, Gordon Mitchell, Mark Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell, Franky Monroe, Paul Monroe,

Dana Naylor, Dick Norton, James Norton, Putumii Norton (sp?), George Onalik, Herbert Onalik, Luke Piqpaluk (sp?), William Penn, Jack Porter, Attamuk (Enoch) Shiedt, Saul Shiedt.

From Shungnak: Frank Berry, Napoleon Black, Harry Brown, Charlie Cleveland, George Cleveland, Homer Cleveland, Mark Cleveland, Robert Cleveland,

Truman Cleveland, Charlie Coffin, Evans Commack, Felton Commack, Herbert Custer,

Charlie Douglas, Tommy Douglas, Walter Douglas, Arthur Gray, Lawrence Gray, Walter Gray, Nelson Greist, Teddy Jack, Charlie Lee, Tuney Lee (sp?), Homer Migaan (sp?),

Nelson Paige (sp?), Peter Riley, Frank Roland, Frank Peter Sheldon, William Sheldon, Joe Sun, Alfred Tickett, Harry Tickett, Wilson Tickett, Coxy Ward (sp?), and Wesley Woods.

As you can -- as you listen to -- to the names that were read and as we try to pronouce the Eskimo names, that just tells you about one thing, history goes back.

There's a lot of folks that maybe that we missed, which you probably will hear from some of the storytellers.

With that, I want to conclude my remarks by saying that it's been an honor to be part of this. For those of you that were not listed on here in the -- in the Vietnam conflict, we've got Victor Karmun here. Who else is a vets here, Vic? Any other Vietnam vet --

Well, as we go through the next two days, you'll be introduced to more people that's been in one of the -- one of the war conflicts. (NOTES MADE AFTER THE RECORDING: Wilfred Lane Sr. of Kotzebue who was a Sergeant Major and Levi Cleveland of Shungnak who was a Command Sergeant Major were not included in the original 1996 list. In 2016, the local project review team wanted to be sure these names were included in recognition of their military service.)