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Emil Berikoff
Emil Berikoff
Emil Berikoff talks about his memories of going to school in Unalaska.

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Archive #: Oral History 2009-16-01

Project: Unalaska Communities of Memory
Date of Interview: Apr 26, 1996
Narrator(s): Emil Berikoff Sr.
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
Alaska Humanities Forum
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School memories

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Mary you went to the new school. I remember it, your new school and that was the old school for me, I guess, four rooms.

I can remember the first day I went to school. I must of, I had to be only five years old, then and that was a new experience.

Didn't have preschool, didn't have kindergarten, went right into first grade. And must have been pretty good experience for me to remember that far back.

Growing up here was really great. And growing up here was really great. Where this school is now, this is the new school, or this section of it anyway, up to the small gym, was just open field.

There was nothing at all here, between here and the old school was a Quonset hut we used to play in during recess, and before school or whatever.

But... And then outwards HUD housing, old HUD housing here, that was really way out of town. That was, there's only been about 200 people here, back in the early, the early 50's, I guess.

And everybody knew each other. And not only did they know each other, they knew what everybody else was doing.

Oh, Christmas programs were, I think everybody went to the school for Christmas programs, they had Christmas programs there. And everybody brought their presents up to the school and put them under the tree.

There was only a couple hundred people here, so everybody kind of crowded in for Christmas programs.

And the Christmas programs were on Christmas, not 2 weeks early, or 3 weeks early.

And all the grades had some kind of program to put on, but.... It was, it was great.