Project Jukebox

Digital Branch of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Program

Holy Cross Project Jukebox Acknowledgements


Various people have made valuable contributions to this project by offering their ideas and support. Many thanks to those listed below:  

Holy Cross Tribal Council:
A special acknowledgement that without the financial support of the Holy Cross Tribal Council the project would not be possible. Thank you to all of the past tribal council members who supported this project and the present council who continue to support the elder’s on a yearly basis.  

To the following people who offered their suggestions at the first meeting to discuss ideas for the project:
Eugene Paul
Jeffrey Demientieff Sr.
Angela Demientieff
Darlene Aloysius  

A special thank you to the interviewer’s involved who have really made this project a success:
Carol Atkins
Karen Brewster
Eugene Paul
Tessiana Paul
Rita Paul
Debbie Turner  

We also express our thanks and gratitude to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History staff for their expertise, encouragement and support:
Karen Brewster
William Schneider
Bill Burke  

Elders of Holy Cross: We also express our deepest appreciation to the elders involved with the project. Thank you for sharing your stories, your life experiences, and your family photos. The message of love and encouragement that you share with others has really made this project what it is. We are very proud of each one of you. Thank you for your time, your love, and your dedication. You will always be loved and honored.
Luke & Alice Demientieff
Mary H. Demientieff
Elizabeth Johnson
Maurice Newman
Frank H. Turner
Harry Turner
Gerald Walker
Lillian Walker  

Although we are not able to complete interviews with all of the elders in Holy Cross we would like to see this program expanded upon in the future.