The Dalton Highway: A Multi-Media History of Alaska's Arctic Road

Photo Gallery

Explore the photo collections from the participants of this Project Jukebox. The photo gallery consists of over a dozen photo collections relating to the history of the Dalton Highway. The Dalton Highway, which parallels the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), is one of the most isolated roads with just a few settlements along its 414 mile route. Covering a period from the early 1900s to the present, the photo gallery documents the history of Coldfoot, Wiseman, the Hickel Highway, the Toolik Field Station, and the design and construction of the Haul Road and the Yukon River Bridge.

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Michael Abels Photo Gallery
Michael Abels
Toolik Field Station
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Land Management, Fairbanks
Two pages of images along the Dalton Highway
Bruce Campbell Photo Gallery
Bruce Campbell
Haul Road: construction
Community Photo Gallery
Coldfoot & Wiseman
Winter 2007
Robin Mills Photo Gallery
Robin Mills
Coldfoot archeological site
Dennis Nottingham Photo Gallery
Dennis Nottingham
The Yukon River Bridge: engineering and design
James Rooney Photo Gallery
James Rooney
Haul Road: engineering and design
Heidi Schoppenhorst Photo Gallery
Heidi Schoppenhorst
Wiseman Community
Hesland Scougal Photo Gallery
Hesden Scougal
Winter Ice Road / Hickel Highway construction
Harold Tilleson Photo Gallery
Harold Tilleson
Winter Ice Road / Hickel Highway construction
Sue Will Photo Gallery
Sue Will
Wiseman cabin structures
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